20% off frozen meats this week only.

We have to make room in the freezer, so this week is your lucky week with 20% off frozen beef and pork.

At the markets we’ll have organic Grass-Fed Beef and Pork plus Pastured Chicken and loads of organic garden greens

  • our famous salad mix
  • rocket
  • bok-choy
  • stir-fry greens
  • silverbeet
  • brocollini
  • collard greens
  • red and yellow chard
  • chicory, plus
  • turnips and radishes and a few more surprises….
  • duck eggs
  • chicken eggs

We’ve brewed up a new batch of kombucha on rooibus tea and have a limited selection of preserved garlic scapes left – hoping that we’ll have fresh scapes sometime very soon!

We also still have beef, chicken and vegetable broths to add organic flavour to your cooking.

We had a lovely farm tour and produce tasting afternoon on Saturday as part of the Fair Food initiative – it was great to see so many bringing children along to learn and see too. The farm looked green for about a week with 13mm of rain, but we are waiting for more to come – hopefully tomorrow!

The final weekend of the Southern Harvest Permaculture Design Certificate course was held as well, at Canberra City Farm – welcome to all the new permies out there 🙂

We are really looking forward to being part of the Annual Food Sovereignty Convergence this year as it is being held in Canberra and encourage all of you to come along – whether a farmer, retailer or a farmers friend 🙂 Looking forward to lively discussions about Food Sovereignty in Australia.

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