About Those Chickens

What is it about Caroola Farm chickens? How do we farm them, why do we do what we do and why on earth do they taste SOOOOOOO great (feedback from our customers, but of course we love them too).

baby sommerlad2Caroola Farm chickens really are different to any other chicken you’ll find locally… there are many reasons for this:

  1. They are Sommerlad chickens. These chickens are specifically bred from a range of heritage breeds to actually live in a pastured environment. They are excellent foragers and exhibit natural chicken behaviour, unlike the white meat birds which are grown conventionally.
  2. They actually, trully, really are outside birds, running around all-day and going in only to sleep at night – it’s not that we provide them ‘access’ to the outdoors, they are outdoors. They are totally free-ranging, on actual green pasture.
  3. They are grown a little longer, allowing the birds to develop full flavour. Our chickens are not processed until 12 weeks of age (conventional meat chickens are processed at 5-6 weeks and even free-ranging birds are processed at 8-10 weeks).
  4. We grow only small numbers, up to a maximum of 1000 on farm at any time (this means we are not set up to supply into the industrial food system, we only supply locally on-farm through farmers markets and trusted providores.
  5. They are supplemented with only certified organic feed – no nasties in this or chemical additives to bulk up the birds.
  6. They are given natural preventative health treatments (meaning they are never given antibiotics), including apple-cider vinegar, garlic, seaweed meal, natural herbs and more…
  7. They are processed manually without the use of chlorinated water – so they don’t have that swimming pool smell to them and retain the natural colour of real chickens.

sommerladsWhat this gives us is really a chicken like no other… A true delight, dense with nutrients and a taste sensation.

The way our chickens are farmed at Caroola Farm means we cannot hope to compete with the prices offered by the conventional and/or factory farming enterprises, and this sometimes means our chicken can’t be an every-day meal. But, lets face it, we were never meant to eat chicken every day… chickens are expensive to raise in a natural environment, and should be a special meal to value the life they are giving us.

Chickens should not be farmed in factories, they should have happy and free lives outdoors in as natural an environment as possible.

Want to know more? Come and chat to us at one of the farmers markets we attend (Bungendore, Braidwood, Southside in Canberra, Moruya), or drop by our On-Farm Shop on Sundays 11am to 4pm.

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