The first few weeks at Caroola

After moving in and unpacking… I walked the front paddock (one of ten), digging and looking at the soil, taking photographs, looking at the trees and the pasture, the slope, where was wet and not wet, erosion, fences and so forth… A lovely afternoon in the outdoors!

What I found was quite sandy soil with some clay and lots of erosion around the fences and gate area where the horses had congregated… also some good piles of pony poo.


I was planning to do a paddock a day and really get to know each paddock and … CONTINUE READING

Starting our permaculture journey

The start of my permaculture learning…

Off I headed to Melbourne, ready to ‘learn’ permaculture in 2 weeks from the famous co-founder of permaculture Bill Mollison and the equally enigmatic Geoff Lawton.

Bill Mollison

I was a bit dubious that the course was at Melbourne University, but none-the-less it is a lovely walk each morning from the place I am staying, just enough to stretch the legs.

Why am I here?

I came across permaculture by accident when looking for sustainable farming techniques and ordered the permaculture ‘bible’ – Permaculture, a designer’s manual. … CONTINUE READING