Introduction to Permaculture, Caroola Farm, 24 and 25 May 2014

IMG_2190Thinking about a tree change? Have a block and don’t know quite what to do with it? Already doing your best but need to know more about sustainable practices?

Join us at Caroola Farm, a working permaculture farm just outside of Canberra. Learn how to design natural systems to grow food, conserve energy and make the most of limited resources. (Just $195 early bird for the full weekend)

This two-day course focuses on … CONTINUE READING

Farm Establishment Series of Courses

The Chick PalaceWe’re incredibly excited to be teaming up with Permaculture eXchange and David Spicer to deliver the following three courses later in the year.

If you’ve done your Permaculture Design Certificate, maybe an Introduction to Permaculture, have an interest in the practical side of managing a property, or have bought a property but really need some practical insight, then these courses are for you!

Farm Fencing Practical 9 and 10 August … CONTINUE READING

Fresh Caroola Produce – next available fresh Friday 4 April 2014

The Chick Palace

IMG_6105For all you fresh produce lovers out there. Caroola Farm’s next batch of organically grown, sustainable, pastured Chicken, Duck and Pork will be available on Friday 4 April 2014.

You can order directly from us for collection or delivery. Find us at Braidwood Farmers Market on Saturday 5 April, Northside (UC) in the afternoon on Saturday 5 April, Southside Farmers Market on Sunday 6 April or in-store at Food Lovers Market Bungendore.


Sunday 4 May Permaculture Open Day at Caroola Farm

The Chick Palace

Tulips starting to emergeThe Caroola Farm Permaculture Open Day program is taking shape. Come and join us for the day, or a few hours. Entry by gold coin donation. We want to show you our farm, and what is possible even on small acreage in terms of sustainability and production. Come and spend a great day out with other locals and like-minded folk from the area. Our Open Day is to Celebrate International … CONTINUE READING

Caroola Chickens

Rodney the Rooster

Day Old PoultryWe love our chickens! They are raised on pasture, humanely treated, supplemented with natural minerals and certified organic feed.

We have a range of different Chicken breeds at Caroola from breeders (Light and Buff Sussex) to egg layers (Australorp) and meat chickens (Cornish Cross and Sommerlad).


Caroola Farm Permaculture Open Day – Call for Participation

IMG_6084Our Aim is

To host an open day at Caroola Farm celebrating permaculture, sustainability and local food /community resilience on Sunday 4 May 2014. The vision for the day is to provide a selection of permaculture talks on subjects such as garden design, water management, passive heating/solar, healthy animal husbandry and more… As well as farm tours, information tents, local produce for sale, food tastings and more.

Our Background


Forest Garden Workshops at Caroola Farm

We have two exciting Forest Gardens workshops coming up in April 2014 at Caroola Farm – do one or do both!

$450 for both courses, or $225 for one.

Forest Gardens

Be quick for $390 ‘first in’ for both courses (for first 10 students only).

5 and 6 April 2014

Forest Gardening: Creating a Food Forest

Forest Gardening is an exciting method of growing perennial plants that generates abundant yields over time. These systems are designed to mimic the structure and ecology of a forest ecosystem. This means that the different layers of the … CONTINUE READING

Crisp Roast Duck with a Confit of Red wine and Cherries

Just tried this and it was so beautiful, just fell apart J


1kg Pekin duck (or larger)

Sea salt and freshly milled black pepper.

2 cups cherries (fresh, pitted)

1 cup red wine

1/2 cup sugar

Pre-heat oven to 150 degrees C


Use a paper towel to dry the duck, and get it to room temperature before you cook it.

Prepare the duck by wiping it as dry as possible with kitchen paper.Place the duck on a roasting rack in the tin or make a rack yourself by crumpling the kitchen foil and placing it in the bottom … CONTINUE READING

Learn to Grow Yummy Mushrooms – 29 & 30 March 2014

with Will Borowski and Dan Harris-Pascal

29 and 30 March, 2014king-oyster-mushrooms

Caroola Farm, Mulloon NSW (between Bungendore and Braidwood)

  Why Grow Mushrooms?

They are:

  • Super  delicious
  • Cheap
  • Easy to  grow
  • Abundant

Mycology is an integral component of the natural world!shitake mushrooms

You can grow varieties of gourmet mushrooms in your garden that have a symbiotic relationship with your veggies and make them grow bigger and better than usual!

Eastern cultures have revered mushrooms for thousands of years due associated health … CONTINUE READING

Introduction to Herbal Medicine – Sunday 9 Feb 2014

Kristin DayLearn how to use culinary and common herbs as Herbal medicine Increase your understanding of the benefits and science of herbal medicine for nutrition, weight control, allergies and sensitivities, anti-oxidants, using herbs and herbal extracts for therapy and prevention. This course includes practical elements in herb identification, use and application and well as a detailed list of different herbs and their medicinal and other effects. One day course, Sunday 9 February at Caroola Farm $195, or $170 early-bird (for first 10 bookings only)  Course outline: