Wrapping up 2012 at ‘Caroola’

The last few months of 2012 at ‘Caroola’ were a hive of activity, with many visitors taking the opportunity to help out along the way…


After deciding I needed to take the ‘planning’ approach, rather than just diving head on in to activities around the house and on the farm, I engaged Cam Wilson to look at overall farm design for me. So a fair bit of time was spent collating information, thinking about my objectives and measuring areas.

Zone 0

In between times, the focus was on sorting out inside the house in order to accommodate the family. … CONTINUE READING

A tour of the dams

Finally, a free, relatively cool, afternoon to go for a paddock walk… forget the shovel (although I probably should have taken it), we were looking at dams!!!


Now, I have to say I don’t know a lot about dams other than I can see when they are muddy, eroded, empty, full and so forth… So, it was great to have someone who knew a little more about it to tag along.

We started by just looking at one dam, with the dog in tow (although he was supposed to be ahead warning us of snakes), and … CONTINUE READING