RetroSuburbia: a permaculture plan for Australia’s residential heartlands – David Holmgren

Keynote to 14th Australasian Permaculture Convergence

RetroSuburbia is more than a book, it is a strategy to build on the diverse legacies, projects and people applying permaculture ethics and principles across the diverse residential landscapes in Australia and New Zealand where a combination of detached dwellings, productive private space and public land can allow residents to provide for household needs, improve resilience to multiple emergent threats, nurture community cohesion and kick start the local economy.

David Holmgren builds on lessons from four decades of permaculture design, teaching, practise and activism to explain the factors that could allow an order of … CONTINUE READING

Loads of pastured and organic meat in the freezer plus more…

It’s that time of year when ‘private’ processing through the abattoirs has stopped, and when it starts again it’s a mad scramble to book into the butcher for cut ups.

The good news is we have LOADS of Hillside Pastured Chicken in the freezer – time for a roast – eat it hot or cold.

We do have lots of beef sausages and mince (great for making your own burgers or of course a sausage sizzle).

We have limited lamb left (sorry, it just goes really quickly) and limited pork until we can get to the abattoir again.


Fresh Organic Beef, loads of Alliums and garden greens

It’s been a week of weeding, planting and coping with the heat, plus school holidays of course!

We have liberated the onions from the weeds, harvested our Dunganski garlic and hung it to cure, and now it’s time to get on to weeding the tomatoes (not yet ripe 🙁

We’ll be at Queanbeyan Farmers Market on Thursday with Fresh Organic Beef, a load of spring onions, Long Tropea Red and fresh brown onions, plus salad and stir-fry greens, zucchini and squash.

On Saturday we’ll have Fresh Beef and Lamb plus the same range of vegetables and on Sunday we’ll be … CONTINUE READING

New Year Fresh Produce – From Paddock to Plate

What’s the benefit of local food? FRESH, FRESH, FRESH – do you know how long that produce sits in the Supermarkets? OK, off the bandwagon.

Did you know that there are no EPIC or Southside Markets again this week? You have two choices – Queanbeyan 3-7pm on Thursday or Bungendore 9-12noon on Saturday – and, guess what, they are real local producers, so, come on down. You’ll find a good range of local, seasonal fresh produce from some great sustainable producers!

Caroola Farm this week will have FRESH, organic, grass-fed beef plus loads of preservative free sausages that are in … CONTINUE READING

Happy New Year and here’s to your resolutions

We hope you all saw in the New Year with joy.

Whether or not you have made, make or even consider making resolutions we put the following to you.

  • Think about how you can support those around you for your own and their future happiness.
  • Think about how you can help look after the earth, support regenerative farming and stop the use of non-renewable depletions.
  • Think about what you have to offer the world, how … CONTINUE READING
  • Fresh from the farm at Queanbeyan today and Bungendore Saturday

    After a quick break for the holiday season, consisting of sleeping in, eating great food and trying to sit still, we are back at the markets today. Those veggies just don’t stop growing and people still have to eat, right?

    What did your feast consist of? We started the day with Duck Egg crepes (awesome) and then went seafood – lobster (topped with Caroola Farm spring onions, garlic, loads of local butter and of course native peppersalt … CONTINUE READING

    Congratulations, Christmas Markets – Turkey, Ham, Chicken and loads of fresh stuff!

    We survived the heat this week and managed to get water to the bits of the garden most in need.

    In non-farm news a big shout out to our daughter Arabella (many of you have met her at the markets) who celebrated her Year 12 Graduation from Canberra College – well done!

    It’s a busy time of year with Turkey processing (meaning a drive to Canowindra) and sorting out Ham, Chicken and Veggie box orders.

    This week is a … CONTINUE READING

    2018 Bungendore Harvest Festival

    2018 Bungendore Harvest Festival

    Following on from the hugely successful 2017 event, the 2018 Bungendore Harvest Festival is shaping up to be a fantastic weekend. Local businesses, farms, producers and more will be featured with events running from Friday 16 March through to Sunday 18 March in Bungendore and surrounds.

    Stallholder, sponsor and local business participation applications are now open, go to  for more information, to sign up for the newsletter or visit the  facebook page at

    “The Bungendore Harvest Festival really brought the town alive last time, and is set to be even bigger and … CONTINUE READING

    Greens, Greens, Greens, Garlic, Smoked Ham and Kombucha

    Fresh from the garden this week:

    • Collard Greens
    • Kale
    • Salad Mix
    • Stir-Fry Greens
    • Spring Onions
    • Broadbeans
    • Beetroot
    • Brocollini
    • Rocket and more

    We’ll have fresh, chilled Kombucha available at all markets plus the last of our Christmas Garlic Braids.

    We’ve just got a stack of small hams back from … CONTINUE READING

    Christmas is Coming – what are your plans?

    Will you be celebrating Christmas with Local Flavour this year?

    With Christmas heading our way quickly the turkey orders are closed and ham orders are rolling in. We also have limited stocks of Sommerlad Chicken and Pastured Hillside Chicken available.

    The farmers market is a great place to pick up quality local produce for your festive meals including meats, chutneys and other accompaniments, bread, vegetables and more. It’s also a great place to start looking for those local hamper items such as dried native herbs, a range of sauces and jams, herbal teas, cordials and garlic braids of course!