Braidwood Farmers Market, Southside Farmers Market this weekend

Welcome the rain!

Our on-farm shop is open this weekend 3-7pm on Friday and 11-4 on Sunday. Plus, we’ll be at Braidwood Farmers Market and Southside CIT Woden Farmers Markets.

Chicken, duck, garlic and loads more. Drop in to the farm shop to say hi, for a refreshing drink on the way to the coast – or, if it stays cool, a coffee or te.

We’ll be harvesting the following fruit and veggies, but get in quick as they sell out fast:

  • Garlic
  • Shallots
  • Beans
  • Salad Mix
  • Stir-fry Mix
  • Zucchini
  • New potatoes
  • Plus we’ll have Caroola Produce Preserves

Bulk Garlic buys $15 for 500g and $30 for 1kg plus postage (not braided) – just reply to this email and let us know how much you want, the email address to invoice you on and the address you’d like them sent to. We do have limited stocks left.

On the farm
Yay for the rain (saves quite a lot of water). It’s been a bit windy, way too hot (49 degrees in the sun), and things were wilting!

Still planting out beans, corn, potatoes, lettuce, radishes and more – an exciting time of year for the garden.

We slashed back our green manure crops which we planted after harvesting garlic – over 5ft – or 160cm tall – looking forward to turning them in.

Like most rural areas we’ve started to see a few snakes around, thankfully red-bellies, but they still give us, the kids and the dogs a fright – not sure about the cat yet, stay tuned…

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