Bungendore Show, Farm Shop Sat, Tomatoes, Zucchini and Garlic

IMG_9665We’ll be joining in at the Bungendore Show this Sunday 31 Jan – a great day out for everyone. So, that means we will have the farm shop open on Saturday instead of Sunday if you were going to drop by.

We have loads of premium beef mince plus whole chickens and a stack of veggies including:
The first of our tomatoes
Salad Greens
Fresh Herbs
Shallots, and

IMG_2578For those of you desperately awaiting fresh chicken, chicken and duck portions, we have good news. We are processing next week and will have fresh chicken and duck available at Braidwood Farmers Market on Saturday 6th plus Southside Farmers Market CIT Woden on Sunday 7th.

P.S. Did we mention not to tell anyone, but we have Rhubarb and Vanilla Sorbet in the freezer, we keep eggs in the farm shop, we have fresh local honey and we even have some fresh plums and blackberries 😉

On the farm
IMG_6325The rain has been a fantastic blessing, meaning we can spend more time doing other things and less time keeping an eye on the soil moisture. The wind, however, we could have done without 🙁

We managed to slash all of the green manure in the Kitchen Garden in, and with the rain it is rotting down nicely, so we’ve been able to start planting that out to carrots, mizuna, rocket, beetroot and loads of other yummy things.

We picked up some more ewes to add to our flock of sheep so that we can bring more lamb to you (I haven’t had lamb myself in ages 🙁

The farm is looking sooo green it’s amazing, lets just hope the weather stays this cool for a while yet.

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