Caroola Chickens

Day Old PoultryWe love our chickens! They are raised on pasture, humanely treated, supplemented with natural minerals and certified organic feed.

We have a range of different Chicken breeds at Caroola from breeders (Light and Buff Sussex) to egg layers (Australorp) and meat chickens (Cornish Cross and Sommerlad).

Mobile Grower PenAs they are growing for meat, or eggs, each different set of age groups and breed are housed separately in their own mobile housing and moved around on fresh pasture.

Meat chickens are grown to two weeks in a brooder pen (with lamps for heat), then a grower pen (on pasture) for 3 weeks prior to The Chick Palacebeing moved out to full pasture in their own ‘Chick Palace’.

The Chick Palaces are designed to be towable in order to move, to be robust against the wind, to provide shelter and protection from rain and sun and to be well-ventilated.

Our chickens are checked and their food, water and minerals refreshed each morning and evening, and in the heat of summer are checked every few hours. Health is important and our birds are supplemented with certified organic feed, garlic and apple-cider vinegar and a daily mineral mix for their health. They are never given antibiotics or synthetic chemicals.

Our birds are are protected by electric netting, Maremma Sheepdogs, Guinea Fowl and our friendly Alpacas.

Want to taste some of our delicious chicken? You can order online at:

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