We are back! Fresh chicken and garden veg this week

We are back at the markets this weekend, refreshed and revitalised (particularly coming back to the cold).

We’ll have fresh pastured and Sommerlad chicken from Hillside Pastured Farm including whole, wings, thighs, frames, breast and more plus organic yearling grass-fed beef including mince, preservative-free and gluten free sausages, steaks, roasts and more and a range of garden produce including:

Time to stock up for winter with fresh organic beef

It’s that time, we’re heading north for the sun. We’ll be away after this weekend until the markets on 15 and 16 July!

So, stock up this weekend on fresh organic, grass-fed beef

  • Mince
  • Real Sausages (preservative, grain and gluten free)
  • Diced
  • Roasts
  • Steaks
  • Spare Ribs
  • Osso Bucco

From the freezer we still have available whole Sommerlad pastured chicken from Hillside Pastured Farm as well as Caroola Farm Organic Pastured Pork.


Growing Small Farm Business Series 16 Jul, 30 Jul, 20 Aug

Are you…

  • Looking to invest in your own small farm but want to make sure you can make a living?
  • Already have a farm and need some guidance?

This course is for you!

This series of three one-day Growing Small Farm Businesses workshops will set you on the path to a farm that can be both financially and ecologically sustainable.  Attend all three or just the ones that interest you.

Bookings essential

You will leave each workshop with a basic knowledge of operations, marketing and finances for small farms and the ability to start planning your own … CONTINUE READING

Organic Grass-Fed Lamb and Winter Veg

Caroola Farm Organic Grass-Fed Lamb is back on the menu this week. Available fresh from Southern Harvest Farmers Market in Bungendore, plus Southside Farmers Market, Canberra College Woden.

My favourite recipe is  Moroccan Lamb Curry as a winter warmer, incorporating all the local veggies currently available such as potato, garlic, pumpkin, brocollini and greens.

From the freezer we still have available whole Sommerlad pastured chicken from Hillside Pastured Farm as well as Caroola Farm Beef.

Or, stock your freezer for those cold nights with our take home pumpkin soup and hearty beef stew.

It is certainly winter vegetable time, … CONTINUE READING

Winter warmers from Caroola Farm

It’s time for soups, stews and roasts – yay, one pot cooking at its best.

We’re preparing a Chicken soup taster for the markets on the weekend – so drop on by and find out what real pastured chicken tastes like!

My favourite chicken dishes are roasted, soups and risotto, and you can use every part of the chicken. At the markets we’ll have whole Sommerlad pastured chicken from Hillside Pastured Farm, plus frames, feet and … CONTINUE READING

Caroola Farm Food Boxes

An update on our food boxes and buying groups for meat.

We have been trying to get our heads around how to get buying groups for meat boxes delivered into various parts of Canberra on a regular basis, but realise that we are already stretched too thin on the farm to be able to cope with the logistics. So, will have to stick to our normal routine of attending the Southern Harvest Farmers Market … CONTINUE READING

Introduction to Permaculture 17 and 18 June, Canberra City Farm

Is permaculture for me?

There are so many aspects to permaculture it can benefit everyone – whether you are starting with 5 square metres or 500 acres!

Connecting with John Champagne and Penny Kothe for two days of permaculture basics will leave you full of enthusiasm, knowledge and skills ready to roll up your sleeves and get stuck into sustainability projects.

You’ll also be in a prime position to explore and research aspects of sustainable design that may interest you from land regeneration, efficient healthy gardening for yourself or profit, or ultimately building more sustainable community networks like … CONTINUE READING

Stock your freezer and pantry this week

Caroola farm will have fresh organic yearling beef this week.

Plus we have whole Sommerlad chicken plus frames, feet and necks from Hillside Pastured Farm.

This week only 20% off frozen beef, lamb and pork.

From the garden: dutch cream potatoes, pumpkin, radishes, salad mix, stir-fry greens, brocollini, kale, mixed baby kale, silverbeet, leeks and a the last of the celeriac.

From the pantry: chicken, beef and vegetable stocks, passata smoked garlic, herbal teas and … CONTINUE READING

Farm Fresh this week

  • Fresh Grass-Fed Organic Beef including sausages (preservative, gluten and grain free), mince, roasts, diced and steak.
  • Pastured Pork including sausages (gluten, preservative and grain free), diced, mince, loin chops and roasts
  • Grass-Fed Organic Lamb including chops and roasts.
  • Sommerlad Chicken from 1.3kg upwards, $25/kg plus Pastured Chicken Frames, Feet and Necks for stock making or pets.

Garden fresh greens:

  • Salad Mix $3/bag (rocket, mizuna, lettuce, sorrel and more)
  • Rocket $3/bag
  • Mizuna $3/bag
  • Stir-fry Greens $3/bag (silverbeet, beetroot leaves, kale)
  • Silverbeet $3/bunch
  • Baby Kale $3/bag (mix of cavalo nero, russian and curly)
  • Kale $3/bunch
  • Rhubarb $3/bunchCONTINUE READING

Date Change – Introduction to Permaculture now 17 and 18 June

New dates for Introduction to Permaculture (so it’s not on Mothers Day 🙂 Now 17 and 18 June at Canberra City Farm – Book Now!

Start your journey to Self-Sufficiency now!

You will learn how permaculture principles can enable you to create a renewable, regenerative growing systems and production methods without the use of synthetic chemicals.

This introductory course will expose you to the principles and systems used in permaculture and will also provide you with the insight into the possibilities of transitioning to a small holding, farm or rural community. It is also the first weekend … CONTINUE READING