Volunteer Residency Positions Open for Spring 2018 and Autumn 2019

Caroola Farm Volunteer Residency Program Overview

Caroola Farm’s seasonal, full time, 3 month volunteer residencies are NOW available for Spring 2018 and Autumn 2019.

These will be available via an application process with applications accepted for:

Spring 2018 up to 30 July with a decision made by 15 August. The program will run from Sept to December with actual start and finish dates to be negotiated with successful applicants.

Autumn 2019 up to 31 Jan with a decision made by 15 Feb. The program will run from March to June with actual start and finish dates to be negotiated with … CONTINUE READING

Fresh Pork, Chicken and Change of Season Preserves

Officially the change of season, which can make things scarce in the garden, especially since we’ve only had about a month on Autumn. Finally, 3mm of rain – which does not go far, but better than nil.

This week we’ll have Fresh, Organic pastured pork, plus Hillside Pastured chicken a small selection from the garden, but loads of preserves!

See you this week at:

  • Queanbeyan Farmers Market Thursday 3-6pm – Crawford Street
  • Bungendore Farmers Market Saturday 9am-12noon – Butmaroo Street
  • Southside Farmers Market Sunday 8am-11.30am – Canberra College

We have a full range of FRESH, organic, grass fed … CONTINUE READING

Sustainable Small Farms – in all senses of the word

Do you have a small farm? Do you want one? Do you want to work out how to make it work for you, your family, your finances and the environment?

Our series of small farm workshops start this weekend with Farm Operations on Sunday 3 June, followed by Marketing on 10 June and Finances on 17 June – what you’ll get out of this course is what is required to run a small farm, sell your produce (or other things) and make sure that it all makes sense financially as well as ties in to what you love to do!


Organic Growing – from Paddock to Plate – 2 day workshops

Organic Growing

5th August – Vegetables


19th August – Animals

Bookings Essential

Want to grow organic produce from your paddock to the plate?

  • Animals?
  • Vegetables?
  • Or both?

These workshops will show you how, from start to finish using organic production methods. From planning and preparing your space, growing from scratch, to harvesting the final produce and all the bits in between.

This workshop series is based on a working certified organic  farm.

Your instructor: Penny Kothe owns and manages Caroola Farm with her partner Paul McKinnon. They have been growing organic fruit, vegetables and animals … CONTINUE READING

Fresh Lamb, Passata, Stocks and Broths plus Pumpkin Soup this week

The frosts have finally hit and it is officially the end of the summer fruits (they held on a long time though).

See you this weekend at:

  • Bungendore Farmers Market Saturday 9am-12noon – where we’ll be serving fresh pumpkin soup
  • Southside Farmers Market Sunday 8am-11.30am

We have a full range of FRESH, organic, grass fed lamb available including:

  • Sausages
  • Mince
  • Cutlets
  • Roasts
  • Chops and more…

In the spirit of this cooler weather we’ve cooked up some pantry favourites including passata, beef broth, chicken broth, vegetable stock and we still have a supply of smoked garlic.


Want to grow your own small farm business?`

Are you looking to invest in your own small farm but want to make sure you can make a living? Or already have a farm and need some guidance?

This series of one-day Growing Small Farm Businesses workshops will set you on the path to a farm that can be both financially and ecologically sustainable.

You will leave each workshop with a basic knowledge of operations, marketing and finances for small farms and the ability to start planning your own enterprises. Over the course of the series you will understand:

Small Farm Operations Sunday 3 June 2018

20% off beef plus loads of Mothers Day Ideas

It’s been a busy few weeks planting garlic, weeding and prepping beds now the temperatures have cooled.

We’ll be at all three markets this week:

  • Queanbeyan Farmers Market Thursday 3pm to 6pm
  • Bungendore Farmers Market Saturday 9am-12noon
  • Southside Farmers Market Sunday 8am-11.30am

Stock up on beef this week with our 20% off offer – load up on sausages, mince and slow cooking items.

From Saturday we’ll also have fresh Chicken available at Bungendore and Southside.

Thinking about Mothers Day? Purchase individual items or make up your own produce basket – ideas include herbal teas, stocks and broths, smoked … CONTINUE READING

Stock up this week – Queanbeyan, St Mary’s Fair, Permaculture Festival

We have been incredibly busy harvesting for the Australasian Permaculture Convergence and of course the markets – but we have not finished yet.

We also aim to have fresh chicken available from Thursday, as well as fresh Pastured, organic Pork. On Saturday and Sunday not only will we have fresh, organic, pastured Beef and Lamb, but we’ll be cooking up our famous beef sausages at both the St Mary’s Fair (Bungendore 9am-2.30pm Saturday) and the ACT Permaculture Festival (Canberra City Farm, Dairy Rd, Fyshwick 10am-4pm Sunday).

This week we’ll be at:

Fresh Pork plus loads of things to go with it!

We’ll have a full range of FRESH organic, pastured pork this week – sausages, mince, diced, spare ribs, medallions, leg roasts and more…

On the veggie front, we’ve harvested the following for the markets:

  • Radishes – yum, get them while you can
  • Carrots
  • Tomatoes (maybe the last)
  • Potatoes
  • Salad Mix – delish!
  • Stir-Fry Greens
  • Zucchini
  • Squash
  • Kale
  • Broadbeans

Plus we’ll have a good range of chilled Kombucha including Watermelon, Turmeric and Ginger, Blueberry, … CONTINUE READING

In season now at Caroola Farm

OK, I take it back it feels like summer again… probably not a bad thing for the Easter weekend.

Farmers Markets that ARE ON this week include the Southern Harvest Farmers Markets in Queanbeyan Thursday 3-7pm and the Southern Harvest Farmers Market in Bungendore on Saturday 9-12noon. Then we get to sleep in for a whole day as Southside Farmers Market is NOT on this Sunday.

On the veggie front, we’ve harvested the following for the markets: