Community Buying Group, Commercial Kitchen, Interns and more

Community Buying Group, Commercial Kitchen, Interns and other happenings on the Farm

We’re putting the final touches to a Caroola Farm Community Buying Group for Meat, launching in the coming months. This is for those of you who would like a consistent supply of ethically raised and organic chicken, pork, beef and lamb. We’ve been thinking about this for a while but, after a visit on the weekend to Jonai Farms near Daylesford, we’re putting it out there and see who is interested. So, let us know if you are keen on the idea and would like to register to be involved.

In order to better use our produce during our bumper seasons (read too many zucchinis, tomatoes, garlic at certain times, or a larger beast that we had anticipated), we are looking to upgrade the kitchen facilities at the farm. We want to put in an on-farm commercial kitchen. (OK, yes, more inspiration from Jonai Farms). We have a kind of structure up, but need to think about what we need in it, and talk to council about if and what approvals we need as well. Ideally we’d like to make this available to others in the area, so let us know if you might have a future use and we’ll see if that’s possible too when we talk to council. First we need to put the roof back on the shed, but hey, that is in hand!

We finally have the last of the early-season garlic in the ground, so here is hoping for good rain up until about mid-October, we’ll then be all set to harvest in early November.

Last but not least, welcome to Ant Wilson and Shirin Richards, our two interns who are with us for the rest of Autumn and throughout most of winter 🙂 Brrr!!!

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