Community Owned Farming Opportunity near Canberra

Community Owned Farming Opportunity near Canberra

Samantha Hawker & Scotty Foster from Co Canberra* write:

Caroola Farm is up for sale, Gleanna Meala is up for sale, several other farms are likely to change hands soon.

How can we keep our local organic farms producing when the farmers need to move on and potential young farmers cannot afford to buy in?

Maybe by buying them and operating them ourselves?! Community ownership?

Please spread this far and wide through your networks, we will be assessing the level of interest in 2 weeks time for this project, but will continue working on the model for future farm opportunities.

There are links below to Co-Canberra’s proposal for a Community Owned buyout of Caroola Farm, a commercial permaculture farm near Bungendore.

Please reply to if you are interested in any way (invest, loan, farm, help with bringing it together/general business stuff etc)

Caroola Farm Opportunity
Caroola Farm Attributes

*Cooperatives, Commons, and Communities Canberra (Co-Canberra) supports worker cooperatives, community groups and democratic workplaces as a key path to a resilient, locally integrated, locally owned, environmentally beneficial, democratic economic system in the Canberra area, in which economically and socially marginalised communities are supported.

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