Farewell Yoann and Emilie – for now…

Our Volunteers in Residence are moving on, having come to learn how we farm and run our farming business, it’s now time to go out to pasture – so to speak.

We’d like to thank Yoann and Emilie for all the hard work they’ve put in, in the garden, with the animals and helping turn our produce into many varied and lovely things for our customers.

They’ve hatched out baby ducklings, watched the pigs grow up, the tomato seedlings flourish, been through an entire garlic harvest with us, have been learning and teaching garlic braiding and seen many of their gardening efforts come to fruition.

This lovely French couple are busy saving up for their own farm and they are staying in the area. You’ll probably still see them at the farmers markets, or if you drop in to Le Tres Bon, so do say ‘hi’. They’ve been making gorgeous soaps for Christmas which they also bring to the markets, so if you haven’t talked to them about their soap making efforts now is your chance.

We wish them all the very best with their endeavours – and hope they get to see more of Australia before they leave too 🙂

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