Farm tour, good selection of meat and greens, greens, greens

This week is Fair Food week and there are lots of activities on all across Australia – just one of them is the farm tour we are running on Saturday afternoon. It looks so far to be a small group, so there will be plenty of time for questions…

As an extension of Fair Food week we encourage you all to join us for the Australian Food Sovereignty Convergence being held in Canberra this year on 23 and 24 October – sure to be a great few days and Bruce Pascoe is joining us for dinner.

With the ups and downs in weather and a little rain here and there, the greens in our garden are really in full swing – but, sadly, not much else just yet. This means loads of:

  • Silverbeet
  • Kale
  • Stir-fry greens
  • Salad mix and
  • Chicory

And it’s always fresh as a daisy at the markets, so come on down and join us in Bungendore on Saturday morning or Canberra College on Sunday.

The ducks and chickens are doing well so we should have a good supply of fresh eggs and a range of lamb, beef, pork and chicken – what more do you really need?

We’ve been potting up dozens of tomatoes, pumpkin and celery, plus planting out into the forest garden and adding diversity belts to the market gardens.

The broad beans are flowering, the garlic is looking good (due for harvest in November) and the weeds are having a party too!!


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