First round of processing complete

IMG_6124What a journey we’ve had with our lovely ducks and chickens, and I do say lovely, they are a joy to watch.

With little more than an hour’s sleep we loaded them into crates, onto the ute and took a 3 hour drive to Bega, towing the coolroom to bring them back fresh.

IMG_6443Arriving at 4am we joined other producers to slaughter and process the birds, by the time this was done, with a short break for a cuppa, it was after 8 and the process of packing and cleaning began, cleaning and sterilising all of the equipment, floors, walls and ceilings in the abattoir.

After grabbing a quick bite to eat, we headed IMG_6451home, arriving at 4.30pm in time for bed at 5.30 ha ha, waking only to the birds at 6.00am.

Today we spent labelling the ducks and working out orders and after some afternoon collections we’ll head into Food Lovers Market in Bungendore in the morning… saving some stock for the Twilight evening this Friday.

The best bit was our combined chicken and duck roast dinner for this evening, just beautiful 🙂

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