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We’re heading on the road, so don’t forget to follow our journey on Facebook at the LoadsOfR’s Page…

LoadsOfR’s is about helping rural and remote people in need. Whether that is farmers looking to take a break, or need short term help, or businesses struggling with finding staff in remote and rural locations.

Penny Kothe and Paul McKinnon are setting out in Amber to travel and help others in need. Most recently of Caroola Farm in the NSW Southern Tablelands, the couple have a wide range of skills from farming sheep, cattle, pigs, poultry, vegetables and more, business and maintenance skills, hospitality and more.

The funds will be used to ensure that those really in need are able to take advantage of our labour and knowledge without payment, to contribute to fuel and living expenses which can be large in rural and remote areas.

We’d love to secure funding by the end of the year so that we can start planning our travels, and commit to those who need help in the coming year.

Whilst we are able to part-fund our travels and volunteering, and there is the opportunity to receive in-kind payment or perhaps real income from some of the people we help, in this time of widespread drought we do believe that there are many out there in need of relief, respite, rousabouting, real help and more who just do not have the capacity to pay (we know, we have been there).

We are not asking for donations in exchange for particular things, like a calendar or mug, we are asking for donations from those who want to make a real difference to rural and regional Australia by helping fund us to go and help them – effectively you are putting money into their hands.

Our facebook page: loadsofrs will keep everyone updated on where we are at each step of the way.

Join us to start our journey – the more we can raise the more we can help.

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2 Responses to Follow us on LoadsOfR’s plus GoFundMe Campaign

  1. Maggie Corby says:

    It’s been a privilege to meet you both. Wishing you every success in all your challenges.

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