Forest Garden Workshops at Caroola Farm

We have two exciting Forest Gardens workshops coming up in April 2014 at Caroola Farm – do one or do both!

$450 for both courses, or $225 for one.

Forest Gardens

Be quick for $390 ‘first in’ for both courses (for first 10 students only).

5 and 6 April 2014

Forest Gardening: Creating a Food Forest

Forest Gardening is an exciting method of growing perennial plants that generates abundant yields over time. These systems are designed to mimic the structure and ecology of a forest ecosystem. This means that the different layers of the forest can
produce yields from the herbs,

More trees anyone?

shrubs and trees.

With careful design, the polycultures in the forest garden can over-yield, producing more food than when the plants are grown separately. Plants are guilded together so that the products and functions of one plant meet the needs and requirementson another. Further, a forest garden seeks to support and provide for the needs of beneficial birds, insects and animals which reduce our work and increase yields when they take up residence in our forest gardens.
The principles of Forest Gardening are applicable on any scale, from urban back yards to small


holdings and broad-acre plantings. This workshop will focus on strategies of design and implementation to provide participants the skills to design a forest garden and makes a yard a haven for beneficial critters and humans.

This workshop will discuss the theory behind Forest Gardens and back it up using creative design activities and on-ground experience. This 2 day workshop will cover forest ecology and design strategies, understanding and designing succession and creating guilds.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding of the processes that make a Forest Garden self-renewing and self-maintaining and how to achieve them in your own garden
  • Ability to apply theories of forest garden to select and design appropriate species into a forest garden guild
  • Understanding of different establishment strategies for Forest Gardens and practice planting and guilding plants

12 and 13 April 2014

IMG_4236Forest Garden: Design Practical

This weekend will allow students to fully implement their new Forest Garden knowledge in an advanced design practical. The weekend will include advanced techniques of design and an in-depth investigation into the process of succession and how we can design our forest ecosystems to evolve through time.

Students will have the opportunity to design and implement an early succession understorey for established fruit trees at Caroola Farm as well as designing paths and the space in general. This weekend is ideal for anyone wondering what they can do with forest land on their block or wanting to grow trees on their farm.

Forest Garden design and layout toolsLearning outcomes

  • Surveying the site – equipment needed, different methods and how to make a masterplan
  • Site design utilising the site survey information.
  • Plant selection for real life application.
  • How to plant and plant propagation.

About your instructor

Dan Harris-Pascal

Group learning

Group learning

Dan is a young ecologist with experience in botany, horticulture and land management (currently completing his Masters of Forestry at ANU). He has worked in Botanic Gardens in Hawaii, Ranger Programs in Arnhem Land and school gardens in Canberra. Dan has extensive experience with a range of plants, practical design experience and a passion to make ecological education accessible and understandable.

Dan has been working on Food Forest design since 2010. Dan has designed and implemented Food Forests and Forest Gardens for suburban backyards, primary schools and community gardens, El Manzano Eco-Escuela in Chile, The Mulloon Institute and Milkwood Permaculture and Rowan Reid of the Australian Agroforetry Network.

Dan is an experienced and dynamic educator who has taught students of all ages and continues to learn from his students. Dan combines accessible information, creative activities and practical application to ensure that what he teaches is actively learned, rather than passively accepted.

Book Now! (early bird discount of $555 applies to first 10 registrations only)

If you have previously completed a Food Forest/Forest Garden workshop, you are welcome to book in for the Design Practical course only.

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