FRESH chicken and duck, including portions this weekend at Braidwood and Southside

sommerlad cookingFRESH chicken at Braidwood (Sat) and Southside (Sun)
Also available at the on-farm Shop 3-7 Fri and 11-4 Sun. Plus garlic, potatoes, tomatoes, zucchinis, beans, salad greens and more…

We’re processing poultry this week and for the first time will have duck portions available. We’ll be at the following locations and times over the weekend:
* Friday 3-7 On-Farm Shop (at the farm)
* Saturday 8-12.30 Braidwood Farmers Market
* Sunday 7.30-11.30 Southside Farmers Market CIT Woden (if we are not in our usual spot, look for us in the courtyard)
* Sunday 11-4 On-Farm Shop (at the farm)

Our Chicken, Duck and Garlic will be at all venues, plus at Braidwood and the On-Farm Shop you’ll find
* Premium beef mince
* Tomatoes
* Potatoes
* Zucchini
* Beans
* Salad Greens
* Fresh Herbs and
* Silverbeet

At the farm shop we also have a range of preserves including cordials, cold drinks, fruit, local honey and eggs.

On the farm
Talk about rain!! We had over 3 inches in the last week (sorry that’s around 75mm) and it is still very wet. The veggies (and weeds) are going ballistic.

We had a long day at the Bungendore Show, but the dogs were very cute and all dressed up. Penny did a bit of a veggie haul in the pavilion with first in garlic, second in potatoes, beans, marrow and duck eggs. Not bad for a first entrant 🙂

We are busy doing repairs to our learning centre, which the roof blew off in strong gusts, but we’ll be going ahead with the Fermented Drinks workshop of 20/21 Feb – if you haven’t registered for this, now is the time! More information here ( .

Back out to the paddock today with the hope of some sunshine…

Paul and Penny
Caroola Farm

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