Fresh Organic Grass-Fed Lamb and Beef a feature at the Bungendore Car and Bike Show

This weekend is the Bungendore Car and  Bike Show

On Saturday the Southern Harvest Farmers Market in Bungendore will be moving to the Anglican Church Grounds on the corner of Butmaroo Street and Gibraltar Street (about 50m down Butmaroo from where we normally are).

We will have a full range of fresh, organic lamb plus beef and we’ll be cooking up a sausage sizzle on the BBQ. Come along and join a great day out in Bungendore.

For those of you still around in Canberra on the weekend, we’ll be at the Southside Farmers Market at Canberra College as usual.

We’ve been working hard in the garden (well, Emilie and Yoann have, while I’ve been busy putting together a grant application for the Bungendore Harvest Festival), we’ve been finishing off the green manure for the tomatoes, planting out more seedlings, rescuing the seedlings from vermin in the polytunnel and now planting out more potatoes and alliums.

The garlic is coming up a treat (due for harvest in November) despite the Cockatoos finding a small patch.

And, it is school holidays of course, so we have extra mouths to feed, but extra hands on deck!!

The garden greens are taking off, so we will have an abundance of salad mix, stir-fry greens, silverbeet, kale and more.

The ducks are laying well so we should have a good stock of eggs too!

Loved the little bit of rain we had last night, and now what a beautiful day!


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