Gado Gado (vegetarian)

One of our favourite vegetarian recipes and you can substitute almost any vegetable for another using whatever is in season


2 tablespoons coconut oil

200g beans cut into 3-4cm pieces

200g cabbage – shredded ideally

200g bok choy, choy sum, tatsoi or other asian brassica – chopped

4 hard boiled eggs (we use duck eggs) – peel and halve them

250g bean sprouts (or something else fresh and juicy)

2 medium potatoes boiled and cubed (we prefer to wash not peel them as it keeps the goodies in)

Peanut sauce (be careful here of allergies) – you can make this with crushed peanuts and cocunut milk or cream, or simply heat peanut butter and cocunut cream in a low pan until dissolved.

Chopped peanuts to dress


Stir-fry the greens in coconut oil until wilted slightly. Add the potatoes and heat through.

Heat your peanut or other sauce

To serve

Put on a plate, pour the sauce over and dress with the eggs and chopped nuts.


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