Garage Clearing Sale Items – Massive

Friday 7 and Saturday 8 September

9074 Kings Highway, Mulloon

8am to 5pm both days

Garage Sale Items – we are still working through sorting stuff out, but there are 4 sheds worth plus outside…

Farm Machinery

  • Bird netting
  • Fencing wire
  • Diesel tanks
  • Vet Crush – Eco Boss
  • Tools
  • Rotary Hoe – SOLD
  • Mulcher
  • Chainsaws
  • Chicken House
  • Mig Welder
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Drop Saw
  • Chainsaw sharpener
  • Laser level
  • Air tools – nail gun, rattle gun, grinder
  • Cordless drill
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Dewalt drill
  • Green drill
  • Hitashi 9” grinder
  • Hitashi 4” grinder
  • Hitashi Heat Gun
  • Jig Saw
  • Hudsqvarni chainsaw 435
  • Husqvarna 365 chainsaw
  • Tanaka Fencers Drill
  • Horse Float
  • Karcher
  • Air Compressor
  • Polypipe 25mm
  • Drip lines
  • Hand tools – screwdrivers, wrenches etc
  • Bolts and nails
  • Lick Station – SOLD
  • Troughs
  • Animal Minerals
  • Roofing iron
  • Wheelie Bins
  • Carts
  • Gass bottles
  • Land Rover – 1990 FFR110 ex army – available later
  • Post hole drivers
  • Dog Kennels
  • Rat traps
  • Tarps
  • Jerry Cans
  • Saw horses
  • Ladders
  • Trailers
  • UHF Portable radios
  • Wire mesh
  • Electric fence energisers
  • Fencing wire
  • Augers – SOLD

Animals and related equipment

  • Pigs
  • Sheep
  • Cattle
  • Pekin Ducks – SOLD
  • Light Sussex Chickens – SOLD
  • Fox Lights
  • Tramponlines for animal shelter
  • Waterers/Feeders
  • Poultry heaters
  • Poultry netting
  • Innotek pet containment system
  • Castrating tools with bands
  • Dehorner
  • Syd Hill Poley Saddle
  • Poultry brooder lamps

Produce stores

  • Meat
  • Flour
  • Hand sanitisers
  • Egg cartons – new
  • Bio bags
  • Garlic drying racks

Coolroom stuff

  • Display Freezer
  • Stove
  • Display Fridges
  • Chest Freezer
  • Industrial Fans
  • Mincer
  • Meat slicer – SOLD
  • Tomato slicer
  • Butter churner

Preserving stuff

  • Jars and bottles
  • Brewing equipment
  • Apple Press
  • Beer brewing equipment


  • Chairs
  • Lounges
  • Coffee tables
  • Cabinets
  • Desks
  • Bookshelves
  • Room divider


  • Fiction
  • Permaculture
  • Gardening
  • Organic

Household Items

  • Coffee Machine
  • Shoe box
  • Girl guide tent
  • Camera Equipment
  • Camping gear
  • Washing machines
  • Ceramic Water Filter
  • BBQ
  • Picnic Basket
  • Outdoor patio heaters
  • Pots and pans
  • Crockery and cutlery
  • Electrical
  • Office equipment
  • Aga stove – set up for kero but can be converted to wood
  • Microwave
  • Toasters
  • Fridges/Freezers
  • Games
  • Musical items
  • Bikes
  • Bathtub – new


  • Weed matting
  • Garden stakes
  • Tomato stakes
  • Garden cloches – metal spring clip plus insulnet
  • Seedling Trays
  • Coco peat
  • Whipper snippers
  • Shovels, rakes
  • Tomato rounds
  • Gloves
  • Incubator
  • Raised garden beds
  • Lime

Free pile including wood, metal, irrigation offcuts, tables, jars and more

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35 Responses to Garage Clearing Sale Items – Massive

  1. Damien Bigg says:

    Hi how much for the following
    Tanaka drill
    Fencing wire
    Post hole drivers
    Coffee machine
    Please can I get some pics
    Can’t get there till Saturday morning that’s all

    • caroolafarm says:

      Tanaka drill – new approx $900 so $450 ono
      Fencing wire – galmax 2.5 x 400m $75 – normally $160/roll new
      Post hole drivers – $10/$20
      Augers – sorry sold
      Coffee Machine – Delongi Magnifica new $600 so $300 ono
      I can do pix tomorrow, too dark now

  2. Carolyn Clark says:

    Is it possible please to have a photo of the apple press & tomato slicer
    Thank you in advance

  3. Ben lee says:

    How much for the plasma cutter and the air tools pls

  4. Melissa says:

    Hi, could you please send me some details including price and possibly a pic of the Aga stove? I’m looking for a wood stove for cooking. Thanks

  5. Rhonda says:

    Can you send pic of Syd hill saddle and size

  6. Steve says:

    How much for pigs sheep and cattle per head please

    • caroolafarm says:

      Steve – pigs $100 each various sizes, a massively good deal as we pay $100 for them at 7 weeks old. Sheep and lambs, depends on size of lambs I guess but looking at $150 to $200. Cattle, depends on size again, we have weaners through to fully grown heifers, around $500/head but less for smaller ones, also depends how many. Happy to take offers.

  7. Sarah says:

    Could I please have pictures of the dog kennels, and the price? Thank you

  8. Amanda says:

    Hi, could I please find out how much the apple press and rotary hor is please? Some photos would be great too! Thanks:)

  9. Sarah says:

    Could you please send me pictures of the dog kennels and the price?
    Thank you

  10. Violet says:

    Hi there
    Any chance of photos of chairs and roughly size of chest freezer / freezers
    Thank you

  11. Sharyn says:

    How much for the meat slicer and wheelie bins please

  12. Sharyn says:

    What brand and phase is the mig welder please

  13. Chris says:

    Hi I’m interested in the camera equipment , what it is pics and price please

  14. Lynette says:

    Hi interested in prices for:

    Chicken house, incubator, mincer, uhf radio, trailer, dog kennels, troughs, bolts nails, electric fence energiser, wire mesh, fence wire,

    If your available we could stop past on our way home this afternoon as I think you are just around the corner from you.

  15. Matt P says:

    Hi, I am interested in a few things.
    -What type of chainsaws do you have and how much?
    -How much for the ladder?
    -how much for the electric fence energiser?
    How much for the whipper snipper?
    Thank you.

    • caroolafarm says:

      Chainsaws Husq 435 $200, Husq 365 $200 apparently because larger one is missing some bit but it still works, ladder $20, electric fence energisers around $80 each but may need new batteries, whipper snippers around $200

  16. Vanessa says:

    Is the poultry netting electric? How many metres? Price?
    I’m also interested in the incubator, what brand is it? Is it autoturn? And how many eggs does it take>

  17. Louise says:

    How much for ththe corrugated iron?

  18. Ben says:

    Is the plazsma cutter still there

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