Garlic harvest in full swing!

So, the time has come for the great garlic harvest!

The soil is wet and more rain is forecast, but there is not a hope we’ll have it all out of the ground this week.

We’re having a garlic harvesting party on Tuesday 21 November – starting at 8am. All welcome, bring yourself, pack a lunch, hat and whatever else you choose.

We need as much help as we can to get the garlic out of the ground and ‘processed’ (don’t worry, we’ll show you how).

What’s in it for you? Being a part of harvest on the farm, chatting to others and learning about garlic – mostly this is an ‘in the shed’ job and we are sitting down…

Let us know if you want to join us, or, if you decide last minute then just turn up, there is heaps to do for everyone…

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