Garlic time on the farm

It’s garlic planting time on the farm.

What does that mean? Bed prepping, cracking bulbs into cloves to plant, measuring out beds, planting, covering, watering and mulching.

We are currently planting out our Turban garlic variety which will be harvested in early November, yes, it takes that long to grow. Once planted we need to regularly weed, water and feed, normally with compost and seaweed solution.

The garlic will start to throw up ‘scapes’ before it is ready to harvest, and these we collect off the plants and turn into delicious scape ferments, pickles and sell fresh. Some of these will also start to grow ‘bulbils’ which we also sell fresh, fermented and pickled, they are yum.

Whilst planting is a huge project, with up to 1000 cloves per bed, it is strategically timed for school holidays (no, not really, it just happens to be school holidays) so that we have extra hands on deck. The kids just love helping to plant the garlic (not really ;-), however harvest time in November is an even bigger huge, having to pull and strip the dead plant matter from the outside ready for hanging. These then take a few months to cure properly, but we will have fresh garlic in time for Christmas, including braids.

In the meantime, we still have cured Dunganski garlic for sale – a later planting and harvesting garlic which we’ll start to plant again in a few months.

Interested in finding out more about local garlic? Come along to the Bungendore Harvest Festival for garlic talks and tasting!

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2 Responses to Garlic time on the farm

  1. Christina Lee says:

    Enjoying your farm and website from afar. Would love to purchase the fresh garlic. Please let me know how much is the cost plus the postage?? My post code is 2550 WYNDHAM area, NSW. Thank you.

    • caroolafarm says:

      Christina, thank you for your message. Unfortunately we don’t have any fresh garlic available at present, having planted back all of our turbans and only have Dunganski for planting. We will have fresh garlic in November and the price is approx $30/kg plus postage – which can become very expensive. Might I suggest you google the Braidwood Garlic Group and see if anyone else has any available at present.

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