Humane Choice

hcnewlogo whiteHumane Choice True Free Range is a whole of farm accreditation system for Australian and New Zealand true free range, pasture raised pork, beef, lamb, chicken and egg producers.

They believe free range meat and eggs should come from IMG_6118pigs, cattle and poultry that have been free to range outdoors on pasture and encouraged to do so with plenty of shade, shelter and protection from the elements and predators. They also believe in smaller flock and herd sizes and do not think that feedlots or industrial sized sheds with little ‘popholes’ to the outside world are sufficient to meet the animal’s needs.

They also believe that the land on which the pigs and poultry range should be managed sustainably too and will not put our environment at risk. Humane Choice certifies free range farms that meet these expectations.

Procedures such as mulesing, nose ringing, The Chick Palacetail docking, beak trimming or any form of mutilation are not be allowed.  Weaning of animals shall enable the natural process of animal rearing to occur, sows will not be kept confined in stalls or crates and transportation shall be kept to a minimum.

IMG_1612Caroola Farm holds Humane Choice certification for our beef, lamb, chicken and ducks (we have not applied for certification yet for our pigs)

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