Natural Building – Roundhouse Practical – Canberra City Farm

Roundhouses are an ancient building method dating back to as early as the Bronze Age. These structures are quick, easy and cheap to set up and are a perfect building option to create a guest room, shed space or a studio.

 This workshop will be led by Dan Harris-Pascal who has studied natural building and Bio-construction in Australia, New Zealand and Chile. The wattle and daub roundhouse emerged by blending a range of natural building techniques.

Over the weekend we will study the different components of a building and construct a foundation, roof and walls using non-toxic, accessible natural building methods and techniques. We will also discuss natural render and give you the skills to start your own at home.

What you’ll learn:

  • Site selection for Buildings
  • Understanding Insulation and Thermal mass
  • Soil testing for suitability in mud bricks, earth render and light-earth construction
  • Principles of Reciprocal Roof Construction
  • Building Earthbag Foundations

Practical activities:

  • Laying Earthbag Foundations
  • Reciprocal Roof Construction
  • Soil testing and assessment
  • Wattle and Daub wall construction

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