On the Farm

From 40 degrees to light overnight frosts – whew – probably a typical February!!

Now is when we wish we had a better irrigation system in the garden, but such is life. We do have some excess produce that we are now starting to preserve, including the cucumbers that we have pickled and the tomatoes we have put in the freezer ready for passata making.

Despite the issues with our ‘poultry farming’ we had a win this week with our Food Authority inspection only taking about 15 minutes and passing with flying colours. The Food Authority were slightly astounded at what we are currently going through with council, saying that we should write to the legislators to request appropriate legislation for small scale farming in NSW.

Whilst it might seem a simple answer for some that we simply apply for a Designated Development Approval for our poultry, that is not the issue, (although we could not afford it in any case), the issue is that the current legislation is entirely inappropriate to both the way we farm and the scale we farm on, and this needs to be resolved for other farms of similar types and sizes of ours. Go to http://www.australianfoodsovereigntyalliance.org/ for more information on how you can get involved and how you might help.

Moving on, we are in the midst of helping to plan the Bungendore Harvest Festival which will be from the evening of 28th to the afternoon of 30th April 2017. It will include stalls in the main street, activities at local businesses as well as farm and winery tours. Stay tuned for more information and save the date!

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