On the farm

What’s happening on the farm…

Upcoming activities at Caroola Farm

Farm tours Sunday 11am (in case it is hot) – bookings essential here

March 6 – Sugar and vinegar preservation of fruits and vegetables (eg: jam, jelly, paste, cordial, chutney, relish, sauce)
April 3 – Fermentation of vegetables and fruits (eg: sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, tempeh, ketchup, Indian chutney)
May 8 – Air exclusion, salt and fermentation for preserving meat and dairy (eg: yoghurt, cheese, milk kefir, confit or rillettes)
Early bird bookings for first 10, plus package deals for the series of 3

On the farm

Wow it has been hot, we’ve been trying to get out early to get things done, come inside for a break and then head back out, the only trouble is it hasn’t been cooling off until around 7pm 🙁

We just received 4 new piglets from Symphony Farm in Tilba and aim to process the ones that were already here in the next few weeks (just waiting for that final growth spurt). This week also saw the arrival of a new batch of Sommerlad chickens to grow out – they’ve been a bit rare (and still are really) – they won’t be ready for a few months though, so don’t get too excited.

Our cattle and sheep are enjoying their new paddocks and we’re following behind them slashing the blackberries. Speaking of blackberries, we still have quite a few nearby bushes to pick and they are a great addition to our lovely kombucha.

We had the fermented drinks workshop here being run by Ruth Gaha-Morris through Permaculture eXchange and we are really looking forward to the series of 3 upcoming preserving workshops to help us deal with our bountiful harvest this year.

Apart from that, the garlic bed prepping continues, along with potting up winter seeds and planting out seedlings.

Enjoy the harvest!

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