Organic, Pastured, Sommerlad Chicken for Christmas

It’s time to start planning your Christmas and New Year festive feasts! In order to get just the chicken you want, you’ll need to order in advance as, based on last year, these gorgeous, organic, pastured Sommerlad Chickens are pretty quick to go – especially if you would like a large one, or more than one to see you through the holiday season.

So, we encourage you to think and to submit an online order (below) if you’d like to reserve a Caroola Farm Pastured Sommerlad Chicken for this Christmas. We’ll ask you to confirm your order by making a deposit of $25 per bird.

Caroola Farm is one of the few authorised Sommerlad Chicken farmers in NSW and we only supply locally to the Southern Harvest Region. We get the chickens as day-old birds directly from the Sommerlads themselves. They are then brooded under heat lamps for between 2-4 weeks depending on the weather and from then on have full access to pasture.

These birds are certainly free-ranging, but, more than that, they have access at all times to actual green pasture, they are kept in the paddock with our Maremma dogs and are shut in at night for fox protection.

The chickens are given supplementary certified organic feed as well as minerals and apple cider vinegar and garlic. The Sommerlad birds are bred to free-range, they are longer and slower growing than your conventional white meat chickens, and so take a bid more to raise.

Our birds are processed at Tablelands Premier Meats in Canowindra, where no chlorine or other nasty chemicals are used.

What you are getting is a beautiful, natural tasting organic meat chicken.

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