Our pastured chickens

IMG_6325At Caroola Farm, our chickens are more than just free range, they are pastured and certified Humane Choice. They are housed in the paddock with mobile chook houses that they may go into if they choose, rather than primarily housed in sheds and let out to roam if they choose…

Challenges: It’s great to have our chickens on pasture, challenges can be limited pasture in times of drought, weather extremes and predator foxes and crows.

IMG_3759Solutions: Our forest gardens supplement green feed during the summer when feed can be short. Health is important and our birds are supplemented with certified organic feed, garlic and apple-cider vinegar and a daily mineral mix for their health. They are not given antibiotics or synthetic chemicals.

Chicks are grown to two weeks in a brooder pen (with lamps for heat), then moved to a grower pen (on pasture) for 2-3 weeks prior to being moved out to full pasture.

They are protected by electric netting, Maremma Sheepdogs, Guinea Fowl and our friendly Alpacas.

IMG_6566 (2) (640x427)Long term plans: Our long term plan includes supplying an Australian Heritage range of meat birds to the local area.

You can purchase our pastured chickens direct from the farm or locally at Braidwood Markets, Northside (UC), Southside (CIT) and Food Lovers Market in Bungendore.

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