Poultry and eggs

Chicks at 12 weeksOur poultry are free range, we are breeding chickens and ducks from eggs and aim to breed our own meat birds from scratch in the long term.

At the moment we have Light Sussex  which are both good egg layers and good meat birds.

At the moment we are not raising our own meat birds as we are busy negotiating legislative requirements with council. We currently have access to Chickens grown by Hillside Pastured Poultry which are available by order. We do have limited number of ducks available for purchase for meat.

How long will poultry keep in the freezer?

A general rule of thumb is 6-8 months for freezer paper wrapped meat and 10-12 months for vacuum packed.

Were these poultry “Free Range”?

Yes, all chickens and ducks are on pasture after they are old enough to be outside. We give them fresh pasture regularly. When supplemented, all poultry feed is certified organic. Our poultry are never fed in a controlled, caged or feed-lot situation. They are free to roam within each paddock with fresh water and shade available at all times.

What makes us different is taste and quality?

Pastured, grass fed, free range, natural, sustainable… these are the way poultry are naturally treated. Do not be fooled by the ‘corn fed’ or even ‘organic’ labels as this may still mean putting them in a feedlot situation and they are no longer in a natural environment scratching, foraging and eating the bugs, beetles and vegetation of their choice.

What does this poultry cost?

The cost is determined by the weight of the animal after primary processing. Caroola Farm will deliver the live poultry to the abattoir where it is processed and the carcass weight is determined after it is ‘dressed’.  The weight of your chicken or duck will be determined by the processor. The amount owed to Caroola Farm is the hanging weight times the price per kg. We process at Tablelands Premier Meats in Canowindra.

How do I Pay?

You will need to pay a deposit of $10 when ordering poultry. The balance is payable prior to or on collection (depending on your chosen delivery method). Caroola Farm will invoice you for balance as the weight is known.

We hope to process both chickens and ducks regularly according to demand with pre-determined delivery dates so that you know when you can expect your order.

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  1. Melissa Kirk says:

    I am writing to see if you might be interested in being involved. I am in the process of planning a Paleo event for the Canberra region. At this stage we have interest from the new Paleo Cafe that is coming soon to Canberra and they are will be the gold sponsor of the event who have agreed to hold the event at their Cafe. We also are in discussions at the moment with a guest speaker which is very promising.
    We are planning the event to be held around April 2015 date to be confirmed and approx 50 attendees for the first event, should the event be a success there is highly likely to be many more events held.
    I am writing to see if you may be interested in supplying some brochures for a takeaway/goodies bag that we are collating for attendees to take home with them, we are also proposing on having a lucky prize draw of a hamper for the event, so if you would also like to donate anything to that, we would greatly appreciate that.
    Whilst it is proposed that a cover charge for the event be set, we are mindful that families are doing it tough so don’t want to have the cost set high, so where possible free products and services are being requested, and the guest speaker and the owner of the Paleo Cafe and myself will be donating our time for free – to ensure our costs are reasonable whilst spreading the paleo word.
    If you may be interested at all we would love you to be part of this project.
    You can contact me to discuss should you like more information. I am trying to develop a concept paper over the next week to discuss further with the guest speaker and the Paleo Cafe owner so that the event is well managed and a success.
    Kindly Mel Kirk

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