Australian heritage-style chicken – the yummiest chicken you’ll ever taste!

IMG_7178Caroola Farm is privileged to be able to supply the Sommerlad Australian heritage-style chicken, fresh to you.

These chickens have been bred to retain their natural foraging ability. They are both slower growing and more flavoursome. Compared to modern, fast growing meat chickens, they take twice as long to grow, but are hardier and more suited to outdoor and true free-range situations.

IMG_7180Our Australian heritage-style chickens are certified Humane Choice. We purchase them as day old chicks and they are raised outdoors on pasture, supplemented with certified organic feed. We take them to processing ourselves and help with that, then returning in our own Food Safety certified coolroom and available for delivery within 12 hours of processing. You can’t get fresher than that!

IMG_7185The Sommerlad family has spent 10 years of commercial development on these birds, enabling them to truly thrive in free-range environments. Compared to traditional meat birds, they have better foraging ability, heat-resistance, body and leg structure. Not only are they beautiful birds but they are also the tastiest you’ll find!

The Sommerlads have this to say “Our meat chickens have been specifically developed to thrive in Australia’s outdoor environment and produce gourmet quality meat. We have selectively bred them from well known table poultry breeds such as the Croad Langshan, Light Sussex, Plymouth Rock, Faverolle, Game fowl etc.  Our strains grow more efficiently than pure heritage breeds, but still slower than modern white broilers.”

All that said, you probably don’t want to muck up the cooking, so here are some handy tips.

Caroola Farm Heritage-style chickens are available by order, direct purchase (ie drop in to the farm) or at a range of farmers markets including Braidwood Farmers Market and Southside CIT in Canberra.


4 Responses to Australian heritage-style chicken – the yummiest chicken you’ll ever taste!

  1. Jay whitby says:

    Hi. I own a small property near moruya and am after some dual purpose chickens to free range on my property. I am looking for day olds, or fertile eggs that i can grow out and breed for my personal use. Just wondering if you have anything available to sell or know where i can get. Thanks. Jay Whitby

    • penny says:

      Jay, unfortunately we don’t sell day olds. We don’t have enough stock of fertile eggs at the moment either – perhaps buy swap sell poultry canberra?

  2. Cynthia Williams says:

    Hi there,
    Do you have Sommerlad chickens available for Christmas?

    Many thanks,

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