Produce Pricing

All of our produce is organic and therefore chemical free. Our meat is only from animals grown on Caroola Farm, is all pastured and free range.

Individual pricing of items is available below (for purchase from the farm shop except for meat due to council regulation or farmers markets), alternatively you may order a Harvest Box email us for bulk meat prices (on average $25/kg).

Vegetables (seasonally available)

  • Herbs – coriander, mint, thyme, rosemary, young garlic $2-3/bunch
  • Duck Eggs $6/half-dozen
  • Pumpkin $4/kg
  • Salad Mix $3/bag
  • Rocket $3/bag
  • Kale $3/bag
  • Radishes $3/bunch
  • Stir-fry mix $3/bag
  • Spaghetti Squash $4/kg

Drinks, Preserves and other items

  • Blackberry Kombucha $4
  • Preserved peaches $8
  • Chicken broth $8
  • Beef stock $8
  • Vegetable stock $8
  • Pickled Zucchinis $8
  • Cucumber, Apple, Rhubarb and Tomato chutneys $5
  • Meatballs in tomato sauce 500g $12 (frozen)
  • Pork stir-fry with ginger and sesame 500g $12 (frozen)
  • Massaman beef curry 500g $12 (frozen)
  • Fermented garlic $10

Meat Products

Meat products come packaged, generally cryovaced and in packs of around 500-600g unless otherwise listed.

Beef prices for individual cuts – most available now

Eye Fillet  $45/kg
Scotch Fillet  $42/kg
T-bone steak  $33/kg
Porterhouse Steak  $38/kg
Rump Steak  $27/kg
Minute steak  $23/kg
Rump Roast  $27/kg (1-2kg)
Round Steak  $23/kg
Round Roast  $23/kg
Roast Beef (Blade)  $19/kg (1-2kg)
Blade Steaks  $22/kg
Topside Roast  $24/kg (1-2kg)
Topside Steak  $24/kg
Silverside  $22/kg (1-2kg)
Osso Bucco  $18/kg
Gravy Beef  $17/kg
Chuck Steak  $16/kg
Diced Beef  $20/kg
Beef Mince  $17/kg
Thick Sausages  $20/kg
Thin Sausages  $20/kg

Lamb prices of individual cuts – sold out

Lamb Forequarter Chops  $22/kg
Lamb Loin Chops  $33/kg
Lamb Leg roast  $25/kg (1-2kg)
Lamb Mince  $24/kg
Lamb Sausages  $20/kg
Diced Lamb  $28/kg
Lamb rolled shoulder  $26/kg
Lamb Shanks  $20/kg
Lamb Cutlets  $45/kg
Rack of lamb  $45/kg

Pork prices for individual cuts – available from 28 May 2016

Pork Cutlets  $30/kg
Pork Loin Chops  $28/kg
Pork Mince  $20/kg
Bacon  $30/kg
Leg Ham  $35/kg (2-3kg)
Pork Forequarter Chops  $26/kg
Diced Pork  $28/kg
Pork Leg  $26/kg
Pork Belly  $26/kg
Pork Fillet  $28/kg
Rolled Pork Loin roast  $32/kg (2-3kg)
Speck  $30/kg
Pork sausages  $28/kg
Pork Spare Ribs  $20/kg
Pork Medallion  $32/kg
Pigs Trotters $8/kg
Pig Kidneys $12/kg
Pig Heads $12/kg
Pig Hocks $8/kg
Pork Fat $9/kg

Chicken prices

Whole Sommerlad Heritage Chicken from Hillside Pastured Poultry $25/kg (1.5-2kg)

Duck prices – limited availability

Whole duck $25/kg (1.5-2kg)
Duck Breast $38/kg
Duck Marylands $30/kg
Wings $20/kg
Carcass $10/kg
Duck Liver $15/kg
Duck Hearts $10/kg
Ducks Feet $8/kg
Duck Necks $8/kg
Duck Heads $8/kg

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