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14 Responses to Where you can buy

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi just wondering on where you can find prices on chickens beef and lamb, and how you sell them ,ie cubes whole cut.?
    and if you sell any solar battery’s

    • penny says:

      Lisa, thanks for your comment. We don’t sell solar batteries. In terms of prices for chicken, beef and lamb, we sell them as individually wrapped packages, I can email you a price list if you like?

  2. Hi
    I am looking for a supplier of free range organic turkeys for this coming xmas…around 120 birds needed…please let me know if you can help…thanks andrew

  3. Julie says:

    Good morning

    Would you have any laying or near laying hens available?

  4. Dear Penny and Paul,
    I would like to contact you by phone, but I cannot see a phone number listed. Are your poultry subjected to the chlorine at any stage? (I know that by law you need to do this.) My question is if perhaps you use the peroxide solution to the chlorine? I have a history of breast cancer and I need to avoid chlorine/fluoride.

    You mention organic feed can you please tell me what that is? Are your poultry in general outdoors all day, foraging?

    Many thanks,

    • penny says:

      Marisa, apologies, I have only just seen this post. Our poultry are not subjected to chlorine, we process at Tablelands Premier Meats and the water is treated with UV. Our poultry are fed Country Heritage certified organic feed and yes, they are in general outside all day foraging (if it is hot they tend to seek shelter) – ie they live outside on pasture, not in a shed 🙂

  5. filomena barzi says:


    could you pls advise whether any of your animals are not grain fed at any stage but just pasture fed where no pesticides or herbicides are used.

    thank you

    • caroolafarm says:

      Filomena, our lamb and beef are totally grass-fed on organic pasture, other animals such as ducks, chickens and pigs are supplemented with organic grain, I hope that helps.

  6. Wendy Maree Twiss says:

    Hello, do you sell turkey of any cut at any of your markerts please? Preferably thigh or drumstick

  7. Katy says:

    Hello Penny,
    Just wondering if you sell chicken or duck livers? And do you sell anywhere in Braidwood? And finally, is there a particular time that is ok to come by the farm
    To buy from you?
    Love what you are doing!

    • caroolafarm says:

      Katy, thanks for your message. We do sell chicken livers but they are from Hillside Pastured Farm in Young, we are not currently farming meat birds due to council regulations. The best source for you in Braidwood would be to order the livers through Provisions as they also stock Hillside Pastured meat. Hope that helps. At the moment, we are unable to sell meat direct from the farm, also due to council regulations 🙁 We go to Bungendore Farmers Market every Saturday, Southside in Canberra on Sundays and Queanbeyan Farmers Market on Thursday evenings – let me know if you need more details for any of those. Cheers Penny

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