Pastured Lamb

IMG_5710Our sheep are Dorpers. We only have a small flock and the lambs are processed at around 6 months to provide tasty, tender young meat.

Challenges: Managing the health of a small flock of sheep without chemical supplement in order to provide organically grown meat.

Solutions: Our sheep are grazed on our 100 acres of primarily native pasture using holistic management practices. This provides them with a constant source of fresh pasture and reduces the potential for worms.

IMG_4393Our sheep are not drenched, tail-docked or given any synthetic chemicals. They are pasture fed and provided with a ‘self-select’ mineral station which we call ‘tequila’ this provides them with natural protection from internal and external parasites.

The sheep run with the cattle along with two alpacas and a Maremma dog for fox protection.

Long term plan: We aim to slowly and naturally increase the size of the flock as our pasture and soil conditions improve.

OIMG_7045ur lamb is available seasonally by order and occasionally at Braidwood, Northside (Canberra University) and Southside (CIT Woden) markets.

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