Planting out and bunkering down

It’s a challenge growing veggies throughout the winter in this cold climate of ours – but we keep on keeping on.

On the farm we’ve been busy planting out a whole range of crops this week, hopefully the cold snap will be kind…

In the garden we’ve put silverbeet, lettuces, kale, brocolli, cauliflower, radishes and a whole range of onions to get growing over winter.

The insulnet row covers have gone up to protect from frost and wind and keep us harvesting throughout winter and in to spring.

The polytunnel is back in action with all of our seedlings now going under-cover, keeping the frost at bay and adding a little warmth to assist with germination. We’ve started planting out some crops ready to go in the ground for winter and spring – advance planning is required when you are growing from seed 🙂

And of course, getting the wood in for the winter is a daily priority.

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