Family Mixed Meat Box


Our Family Meat Boxes are back on the menu… Valued at $60 each

If you would like to order a Meat Box, please do so before 2pm on Fridays and let us know your best collection point. Unless otherwise specified, we’ll include a selection from the lists of produce below:

Heading past? You are welcome to pick up your order from the farm.

Meat Boxes available by order before 2pm on Fridays.



Caroola Farm has a range of meat available and process our meat regularly, this includes:

  • Chicken – frames, necks and feet (from Hillside Pastured Farm) for stock making
  • Beef – all cuts including mince, preservative and gluten free sausages, steaks, roasts, casserole cuts
  • Lamb – preservative and gluten free sausages, diced, mince, loin chops, chump chops, forequarter chops and roasts
  • Pork – belly, preservative and gluten free sausages, diced, mince, loin chops, roasts and more…


  • Each of these cuts are available in limited quantity, so by ordering a mixed meat box you’ll get a selection of what we have on hand – our aim is to try to give you 6 packs of something to the value of approx $10 each, 3-4 packs of something to the value of $10 and then a larger cut unless you specify otherwise… we find this gives you the best bang for your buck so to speak.
  • Sometimes we may only have one meat variety available (e.g. beef), so it really does depend on what we have in stock, if you are after something specific it really is best to email us directly instead.

order your Meat Box by 2pm Friday for a range of fresh and pantry products

You can add to your harvest box with items from our produce cupboard if you would like, just add a comment when you place the order.


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