Veggie Box


Our Veggie Boxes are back on the menu… Valued at $30 each

If you would like to order a Veggie Box, please do so before 2pm on Fridays and let us know your best collection point. Unless otherwise specified, we’ll include a selection from the lists of produce below:

Heading past? You are welcome to pick up your order from the farm.

Veggie Boxes available by order before 2pm on Fridays.



In season during Spring at Caroola Farm :

  • Rocket $3/bag
  • Baby Kale $3/bag
  • Silverbeet $3/bunch
  • Salad Mix $3/bag
  • Stir-fry Greens $3/bag
  • Leek $1 each or bunch
  • Russian and Cavalo Nero Kale $3/bunch
  • Brocollini $3/bag
  • Young Garlic $3/bunch
  • Collard Greens $3/bunch
  • Chicory $3/bunch
  • Herbs $2-3/bunch
  • Plus other surprises that we may be able to sneak in depending on availability (carrots, beet, turnips, salsify)

From the pantry:

  • Dried Herbs and Herbal Teas $4
  • Pickled Scapes $8
  • Vegetable, Beef and Chicken Stock $8
  • Kombucha $4 (Blackberry, blueberry, strawberry)

Plus we have Pastured Chicken (from Hillside Pastured Farm), beef, pork and lamb available to order as a mixed meat box.


order your Veggie Box by 2pm Friday for a range of fresh and pantry products

You can add to your harvest box with items from our produce cupboard if you would like, just add a comment when you place the order.


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