Sustainable Small Farms – in all senses of the word

Do you have a small farm? Do you want one? Do you want to work out how to make it work for you, your family, your finances and the environment?

Our series of small farm workshops start this weekend with Farm Operations on Sunday 3 June, followed by Marketing on 10 June and Finances on 17 June – what you’ll get out of this course is what is required to run a small farm, sell your produce (or other things) and make sure that it all makes sense financially as well as ties in to what you love to do!

Our operations session looks at what is required to run a farm, from a personal point of view as well as infrastructure, legislation, time and more.

Penny Kothe runs and owns with her partner Paul McKinnon, Caroola Farm, which supplies meat, vegetables, fruit, herbs and value added produce into the local communities. Run on permaculutre, holistic management and organic principles, this series will provide you with an insight that few others are prepared to share. Penny is passionate about helping grow the local food community and will help you realise what your passions are as well as providing a realistic insight into small farming realities.

You will leave each workshop with a basic knowledge of operations, marketing and finances for small farms and the ability to start planning your own enterprises. Over the course of the series you will understand:

Small Farm Operations Sunday 3 June 2018

  • Infrastructure needs
  • Animal requirements
  • Fruit and vegetable requirements
  • Ways to value add farm produce
  • What is needed in the way of people and skills
  • Legislation that relates to small farms

Small Farm Marketing Sunday 10 June 2018

  • Marketing your produce
  • How to work out what to charge
  • Places you can sell your produce
  • Key areas of promotion you need

Small Farm Finances Sunday 17 June 2018

  • Capital investment
  • Overheads and their impact on enterprises
  • Labour costs and paying yourself
  • Enterprise costs and how to calculate them
  • Which enterprises you should focus on for your own farm

Individual course prices:

Full price $175 Southern Harvest and partner members $155

Course series: $450 when you book for all 3 courses

Bookings essential

About Southern Harvest:

Southern Harvest is a community and business lead not-for-profit incorporated regional food organisation at the forefront of promoting local food production and consumption in the ACT and Southern NSW.

Southern Harvest was established in 2011 to provide producers of regional food in Southern NSW with a united platform to connect with colleagues, suppliers and customers.

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