Food Sovereignty Convergence comes to Canberra 23 and 24 October

Annual Food Sovereignty Convergence to be held in Canberra October 23-24

The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA) will host the annual Food Sovereignty Convergence in Canberra on the 23rd and 24th of October 2017 at the Burrungiri Cultural Centre.

The convergence will provide an opportunity for attendees to debate, share stories, analyse, strategise and plan towards building a fair food system for all Australians.

Held as an extension of Fair Food Week 2017, the Food Sovereignty Convergence … CONTINUE READING

Visit to Jonai Farm for AFSA Legal Defence Fund(raiser)

A quick dash to Daylesford consumed part of our weekend. What an earth for? Is there not enough to do?

The Jonai family were host to a number of farming heroes including Joel Salatin, Costa, and representatives from farms that have been the subject of inappropriate legislation from various government authorities across Australia – that’s what the gathering was about.

We got there in time for sunset but didn’t get much of a sleep in, … CONTINUE READING