Basic Carpentry and Building Practical 13 and 14 Sept 2014

Part of our Farm Establishment Series of Practical Workshops

David Spicer’s approach to teaching comes from his proven practicality, having over 15 years’ experience in permaculture design and education. His courses are 70% practical and 30% theory.

David has worked and taught with Bill Mollison at the Permaculture Institute Tasmania, and Geoff Lawton at the Permaculture Research Institute’s Australia Zaytuna farm.

Want to find out how to plan and build basic structures for your garden and farm without having to outsource the problem? Wood stores, animal shelters, sheds and outhouses. There is a lot you can do yourself.


Farm Establishment Series of Courses

The Chick PalaceWe’re incredibly excited to be teaming up with Permaculture eXchange and David Spicer to deliver the following three courses later in the year.

If you’ve done your Permaculture Design Certificate, maybe an Introduction to Permaculture, have an interest in the practical side of managing a property, or have bought a property but really need some practical insight, then these courses are for you!

Farm Fencing Practical 9 and 10 August … CONTINUE READING