Garlic harvest in full swing!

So, the time has come for the great garlic harvest!

The soil is wet and more rain is forecast, but there is not a hope we’ll have it all out of the ground this week.

We’re having a garlic harvesting party on Tuesday 21 November – starting at 8am. All welcome, bring yourself, pack a lunch, hat and whatever else you choose.

We need as much help as we can to get the garlic out … CONTINUE READING

Farm Fresh this week

  • Fresh Grass-Fed Organic Beef including sausages (preservative, gluten and grain free), mince, roasts, diced and steak.
  • Pastured Pork including sausages (gluten, preservative and grain free), diced, mince, loin chops and roasts
  • Grass-Fed Organic Lamb including chops and roasts.
  • Sommerlad Chicken from 1.3kg upwards, $25/kg plus Pastured Chicken Frames, Feet and Necks for stock making or pets.

Garden fresh greens:

  • Salad Mix $3/bag (rocket, mizuna, lettuce, sorrel and more)
  • Rocket $3/bag
  • Mizuna $3/bag
  • Stir-fry Greens $3/bag (silverbeet, beetroot leaves, kale)
  • Silverbeet $3/bunch
  • Baby Kale $3/bag (mix of cavalo nero, russian and curly)
  • Kale $3/bunch
  • Rhubarb $3/bunchCONTINUE READING

Farm Produce this week

Farm fresh produce, organically and lovingly grown, see us at the Farmers Markets, or order by email or online.

This week we will have FRESH lamb, including sausage, mince, roasts, chops and more. Get in quick as we have limited supply. We’ll also bring along pork loin chops and mince and any other deliciousness we can find hidden in the freezer.

From the garden:

  • Armenian Cucumbers $2 each (these are crispy, crunchy and yum, but you need to get in quick)
  • Baby Kale $3/bag (mix of cavalo nero, russian and curly)
  • Basil $3/bag
  • Coriander $3/bag
  • Kale $3/bunch
  • Silverbeet $3/bunch

On the Farm

From 40 degrees to light overnight frosts – whew – probably a typical February!!

Now is when we wish we had a better irrigation system in the garden, but such is life. We do have some excess produce that we are now starting to preserve, including the cucumbers that we have pickled and the tomatoes we have put in the freezer ready for passata making.

Despite the issues with our ‘poultry farming’ we had a win this week with our Food Authority inspection only taking about 15 minutes and passing with flying colours. The Food Authority were slightly astounded at … CONTINUE READING

Scale appropriate legislation needed for small farms in NSW

Small Scale Poultry Producers Under Threat

Pastured poultry farms across NSW face being put out of business by unfair and out-of-date legislation, being enforced by governments who consistently fail to acknowledge the needs and requirements of healthy, small farming businesses.

The legislation states that you need to apply for Designated Development Approval if you have more than 250,000 poultry, OR any number of poultry if you are in a water catchment area.

This legislation, developed for large, commercial scale poultry farming, puts small scale poultry farmers with 100 chickens in the same basket as producers with 100,000 chickens.


Wild and windy weather on the farm

An apology to our Braidwood and Canberra customers, but we won’t be at Braidwood or Southside markets this weekend 🙁 Our On-Farm Shop will be open on Sunday and Provisions Deli and Grocery in Braidwood has stocks of our chicken (including portions) along with limited veg, and on-farm we will have beef and preserves.

We have a big day out on Saturday with organic yearling beef at the Southern Harvest Farmers Market in Bungendore on Saturday. This Saturday the markets are on from 9am to 3pm as we are sharing the market with the … CONTINUE READING

On farm as it starts to cool down

This week we will have fresh organic yearling beef and organic pastured pork, so come on down to the Southern Harvest Farmers Market in Bungendore on Saturday 9am to 1pm and check out what we have.

We will have limited Harvest Boxes available for collection on Saturday (Bungendore) or Sunday (on-farm) only. We do require orders by 2pm Friday for harvesting purposes. Just $40 each and valued at over $50.

If you are keen to be involved in Fair Food in our Region, I encourage you to check out the Polyfaces film screening, Fair Food Focus and … CONTINUE READING

Caroola Farm Open Day Tours and Long Lunch, Sunday 1 May 2016

Our next Open Day is Sunday 1 May 2016

We are not doing our traditional, full scale Open Day, but we are offering Farm Tours, picnic space and a Long Table Lunch.

Caroola Farm is a family-owned, permaculture-based, beyond organic, local-market farm and informational outreach in the NSW Southern Tablelands. Established in 2012 with the intention to be a permaculture demonstration farm and working, profitable farm to service the local community. It is operated by Penny Kothe and Paul McKinnon.

We provide healthy and nutritious, locally produced and organically grown produce in small amounts from our integrated, holistically … CONTINUE READING

On the farm

What’s happening on the farm…

Upcoming activities at Caroola Farm

Farm tours Sunday 11am (in case it is hot) – bookings essential here

March 6 – Sugar and vinegar preservation of fruits and vegetables (eg: jam, jelly, paste, cordial, chutney, relish, sauce)
April 3 – Fermentation of vegetables and fruits (eg: sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, tempeh, ketchup, Indian chutney)
May 8 – Air exclusion, salt and fermentation for preserving meat and dairyCONTINUE READING