Regional Produce Boxes via Southern Harvest

Launching with the Summer Season 2017-2018

Get your fresh local produce straight from the region.

Sign up now to the new  produce box being coordinated by Southern Harvest and supported by Canberra City Farm. Available for collection in Bungendore, Queanbeyan and Canberra.

We’ll provide to you on a seasonal basis (Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring) 13 weekly $30 fruit and vegetable boxes – plus we’ll have other options for purchase and inclusion online such as eggs, honey and bulk goods on a weekly basis (stay tuned).

We are working toward a multi-farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) to deliver this produce. … CONTINUE READING

Spring Harvest Boxes from Caroola Farm

Our Harvest Boxes are back on the menu… Valued at $30 or $60 each

If you would like to order a Harvest Box, please do so before 2pm on Fridays and let us know your best collection point. Unless otherwise specified, we’ll include a selection from seasonal produce (including but not limited to the list below)

Heading past? Our produce is available for purchase 7 days a week- so stop on by for our range of seasonal produce, preserves, herbs and home made cool drinks.

Harvest Boxes available by order before 2pm … CONTINUE READING

Caroola Farm Food Boxes

An update on our food boxes and buying groups for meat.

We have been trying to get our heads around how to get buying groups for meat boxes delivered into various parts of Canberra on a regular basis, but realise that we are already stretched too thin on the farm to be able to cope with the logistics. So, will have to stick to our normal routine of attending the Southern Harvest Farmers Market … CONTINUE READING

Available this week

Loads of garden greens plus FRESH Sommerlad Chicken and a range of Grass-Fed Beef

Garden favourites:

  • Salad Mix $3/bag (rocket, mizuna, lettuce, portaluca, sorrel and more)
  • Stir-fry Greens $3/bag (silverbeet, beetroot leaves, kale)
  • Silverbeet $3/bunch
  • Baby Kale $3/bag (mix of cavalo nero, russian and curly)
  • Kale $3/bunch
  • Cucumber $1 each small, $2 each large
  • Rhubarb $3/bunch
  • Beans $4/small bag – limited supply
  • Shallots $3/bunch
  • Dunganski Garlic – late season $1 each
  • Heirloom Zucchini 4 … CONTINUE READING

Autumn Produce from the Farm

Autumn Produce from Caroola Farm, plus more…

Apart from lovely fresh greens from the garden, this week we will have FRESH organic, 100% grass-fed beef and a little lamb plus whole Sommerlad Chicken (frozen) from Hillside Pastured Farm as well as pastured chicken frames, feet and necks and a limited selection of Pork- a big FRESH week all in all!

Don’t forget that EPIC and Southside Markets in Canberra are not on this week, so get in quick at the Southern Harvest Farmers Market in Bungendore for your Easter produce.

From the garden:

Available this week

Produce from our farm, plus more…

This week we will have FRESH whole, Sommerlad chicken available from Hillside Pastured Farm (there is still time to order if you have yet to put your order in) plus pastured chicken frames, feet and necks. We also have a range of lamb and pork frozen for your convenience.

From the garden:

  • Carrots $4/bunch – limited supply
  • Beetroot $3/bunch – limited supply
  • Beans $3/small bag – limited supply
  • Radishes $3/bunch
  • Armenian Cucumbers $2 each (these are crispy, crunchy and yum, but you need to get in quick)
  • Baby Kale $3/bag (mix of cavalo … CONTINUE READING