Available this week

Produce from our farm, plus more…

This week we will have FRESH whole, Sommerlad chicken available from Hillside Pastured Farm (there is still time to order if you have yet to put your order in) plus pastured chicken frames, feet and necks. We also have a range of lamb and pork frozen for your convenience.

From the garden:

  • Carrots $4/bunch – limited supply
  • Beetroot $3/bunch – limited supply
  • Beans $3/small bag – limited supply
  • Radishes $3/bunch
  • Armenian Cucumbers $2 each (these are crispy, crunchy and yum, but you need to get in quick)
  • Baby Kale $3/bag (mix of cavalo … CONTINUE READING

About Those Chickens

What is it about Caroola Farm chickens? How do we farm them, why do we do what we do and why on earth do they taste SOOOOOOO great (feedback from our customers, but of course we love them too).

baby sommerlad2Caroola Farm chickens really are different to any other chicken you’ll find locally… there are many reasons for this:

  • They are Sommerlad chickens. These chickens are specifically bred from a range of … CONTINUE READING
  • Last markets before Christmas, poultry, pork and garlic

    Get your Christmas food stocks sorted this weekend, or pickup fresh poultry next Wednesday for a great holiday feast.

    IMG_2358The following produce will be available at the On-Farm Shop Friday 2-7 and Sunday 11-4, plus at the Braidwood Farmers Market on Saturday 8am to 12.30pm.

    There is also a special Southern Harvest Farmers Market in Bungendore on Wed 23rd December from 3pm to 7pm – this is the time … CONTINUE READING

    Farm Update – Produce, Markets, Open Day and Dinner

    IMG_9652Produce update
    We apologise to everyone that we have been out of stock of chicken for around a month. The chickens we are growing are a special heritage breed and the breeder is in the middle of expansion, as such we have had very limited supply of this beautiful style of birds 🙁 We are processing in time for the first weekend in May and fresh chicken will be available … CONTINUE READING

    Australian heritage chicken now available

    Our heritage chicken is the most flavoursome and natural chicken you will find.

    Pasture raised from heritage stock provided by the Sommerlad family in the New England Tablelands, these birds are more naturally adapted to outside foraging and temperatures that the traditional white meat bird.

    Our heritage chickens take twice as long to grow as the conventional supermarket chickens, and the live active, healthy and happy lives.

    We have limited stock of these great tasting chickens and will have them at Braidwood Farmers Market this weekend, Saturday 31 May and Southside Farmers Market (CIT Woden) on Sunday 1 June.


    Our pastured chickens

    IMG_6325At Caroola Farm, our chickens are more than just free range, they are pastured and certified Humane Choice. They are housed in the paddock with mobile chook houses that they may go into if they choose, rather than primarily housed in sheds and let out to roam if they choose…

    Challenges: It’s great to have our chickens on pasture, challenges can be limited pasture in times of drought, weather extremes and predator foxes … CONTINUE READING