Sommerlad Chicken now available from Hillside Pastured Poultry

News Flash, we are able to source Sommerlad Chickens from Hillside Pastured Poultry at Young as whole birds only at this point.

In case you’ve missed it, due to planning regulations, we are not currently producing chickens for meat (yes, we are talking to loads of people and trying to resolve this issue.)

We have been to check out the farm at Hillside and processing facilities and would be happy to recommend their poultry.  Daniel and Christina raise all of their chickens on pasture with totally free access to pasture and supplemented with protein rich feed* *not certified organic … CONTINUE READING

Australian heritage chicken now available

Our heritage chicken is the most flavoursome and natural chicken you will find.

Pasture raised from heritage stock provided by the Sommerlad family in the New England Tablelands, these birds are more naturally adapted to outside foraging and temperatures that the traditional white meat bird.

Our heritage chickens take twice as long to grow as the conventional supermarket chickens, and the live active, healthy and happy lives.

We have limited stock of these great tasting chickens and will have them at Braidwood Farmers Market this weekend, Saturday 31 May and Southside Farmers Market (CIT Woden) on Sunday 1 June.