Talk about heat stress

We had a slight reprieve from the heat yesterday, thankfully, but it’s been a big week of stress – on us, but more so on the plants.

39 degrees in the shade means it can be over 50 degrees in the garden, and with water in short supply the only answer is hand watering the plants that need it most – which of course is the seedlings…

Thankfully the zucchinis decided to keep on keeping strong, and the tomatoes also love the heat, so we will have limited supply of both of these at the markets this week.


We’ve been cooking up a storm

It sometimes takes a little rain, and even an upcoming Harvest Festival, along with great produce of course, to get into the groove of cooking up a storm.

This Saturday is the inaugural Southern Harvest Bungendore Harvest Festival, and, to put it mildly it’s been a lot of work – so please drop in and say hi.

To show off our wonderful produce, we’ve created three different and yummy soups for this weekend (and shared our recipes too):

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