Sommerlad Chicken now available from Hillside Pastured Poultry

News Flash, we are able to source Sommerlad Chickens from Hillside Pastured Poultry at Young as whole birds only at this point.

In case you’ve missed it, due to planning regulations, we are not currently producing chickens for meat (yes, we are talking to loads of people and trying to resolve this issue.)

We have been to check out the farm at Hillside and processing facilities and would be happy to recommend their poultry.  Daniel and Christina raise all of their chickens on pasture with totally free access to pasture and supplemented with protein rich feed* *not certified organic … CONTINUE READING

Scale appropriate legislation needed for small farms in NSW

Small Scale Poultry Producers Under Threat

Pastured poultry farms across NSW face being put out of business by unfair and out-of-date legislation, being enforced by governments who consistently fail to acknowledge the needs and requirements of healthy, small farming businesses.

The legislation states that you need to apply for Designated Development Approval if you have more than 250,000 poultry, OR any number of poultry if you are in a water catchment area.

This legislation, developed for large, commercial scale poultry farming, puts small scale poultry farmers with 100 chickens in the same basket as producers with 100,000 chickens.