Caroola Farm Tours – Saturday 28 February 2015

IMG_2098By popular demand, and following from the resounding success of our Open Day, we have set a date to open the farm for tours.

On Saturday 28 February, one day only, we’ll be offering farm tours for limited numbers.

Our 10.30am tour is full, but we do still have a few places for the 2.30pm please allow 2 hours. Tours will still proceed in wet weather (you’ll just need to come … CONTINUE READING

Latest information on the Permaculture Open Day

IMG_0346Sunday 4 May 2014 10am to 4pm

Entry by donation with proceeds going to the FuturePLANS Local Food Initiative

Visit our local Information and Produce Stalls

Information Stalls

Chakula – tool for food producers, sellers and eaters

FuturePLANS – connecting people, ideas and resources for sustainability

Permaculture eXchange – regional permaculture education group

Southern Harvest – regional producers network

Local Land Services – information on biodiversity and native vegetation

Canberra Organic … CONTINUE READING

Introduction to Permaculture, Caroola Farm, 24 and 25 May 2014

IMG_2190Thinking about a tree change? Have a block and don’t know quite what to do with it? Already doing your best but need to know more about sustainable practices?

Join us at Caroola Farm, a working permaculture farm just outside of Canberra. Learn how to design natural systems to grow food, conserve energy and make the most of limited resources. (Just $195 early bird for the full weekend)

This two-day course focuses on … CONTINUE READING

Farm Establishment Series of Courses

The Chick PalaceWe’re incredibly excited to be teaming up with Permaculture eXchange and David Spicer to deliver the following three courses later in the year.

If you’ve done your Permaculture Design Certificate, maybe an Introduction to Permaculture, have an interest in the practical side of managing a property, or have bought a property but really need some practical insight, then these courses are for you!

Farm Fencing Practical 9 and 10 August … CONTINUE READING

Sunday 4 May Permaculture Open Day at Caroola Farm

The Chick Palace

Tulips starting to emergeThe Caroola Farm Permaculture Open Day program is taking shape. Come and join us for the day, or a few hours. Entry by gold coin donation. We want to show you our farm, and what is possible even on small acreage in terms of sustainability and production. Come and spend a great day out with other locals and like-minded folk from the area. Our Open Day is to Celebrate International … CONTINUE READING

Learn to Grow Yummy Mushrooms – 29 & 30 March 2014

with Will Borowski and Dan Harris-Pascal

29 and 30 March, 2014king-oyster-mushrooms

Caroola Farm, Mulloon NSW (between Bungendore and Braidwood)

  Why Grow Mushrooms?

They are:

  • Super  delicious
  • Cheap
  • Easy to  grow
  • Abundant

Mycology is an integral component of the natural world!shitake mushrooms

You can grow varieties of gourmet mushrooms in your garden that have a symbiotic relationship with your veggies and make them grow bigger and better than usual!

Eastern cultures have revered mushrooms for thousands of years due associated health … CONTINUE READING

Introduction to Herbal Medicine – Sunday 9 Feb 2014

Kristin DayLearn how to use culinary and common herbs as Herbal medicine Increase your understanding of the benefits and science of herbal medicine for nutrition, weight control, allergies and sensitivities, anti-oxidants, using herbs and herbal extracts for therapy and prevention. This course includes practical elements in herb identification, use and application and well as a detailed list of different herbs and their medicinal and other effects. One day course, Sunday 9 February at Caroola Farm $195, or $170 early-bird (for first 10 bookings only)  Course outline:

Rosehip Syrup


Well, well, well, the humble rose. I really have to say that I was not convinced of the usefulness, in a permaculture sense, of roses, however, I have found at least three things of use…

1. Good for bees

2. Good for little birds to hide and build their nests in

3. You can actually make useful things with them – rosehip syrup to name just one

4. OK, they smell and look great too…

My lovely friend Lesley White was here to stay for a few weeks, and after a couple … CONTINUE READING

Windbreak tree planting

As part of our overall farm ‘masterplan’ we have a number of tree plantings planned, including the addition of various windbreaks.


Cold winter winds come from both the North-West and the South-East. With the South-East sector closest to the house, we decided to start there.

Having ordered a number of Casaurina’s (River She-Oak), along with Acacia’s and collected Oak seeds from the streets of Canberra, we set about preparing the ground.


Without the luxury of finer equipment, the bulldozer came out to make two … CONTINUE READING

Raising chickens

Wanting to have dual purpose meat and egg birds, we ordered a batch of fertilised Light Sussex eggs, all the way from WA (closest we could find them).


Into the incubator for 21 days, with the last 3 days ‘off rotation’ so they did not turn, increased the humidity and decreased the temperature.


They hatched over a 24 hour period and we left them in there to dry (they get food from the yolk for the first 24 hours).