Take-Home Meals, Loads of Veggies and Fertilised Pekin Duck Eggs

Take Home Meals, Loads of Veggies plus Fertilised Pekin Duck Eggs

This weekend we’ll be at the Southern Harvest Farmers Market in Bungendore this Saturday (9-12 at the Anglican Church Hall, Butmaroo Street), or the On-Farm Shop Sunday 11-4pm.

We’ve been cooking up a storm. Available to take home in 400-500g sizes $12 each:

  • Veggies in a Red Curry
  • Vegetarian Stir-Fry
  • Asian Style Pork Meatballs and Greens
  • Thai Red Pork Curry with Veggies
  • Moroccan Lamb Curry
  • Braised Lamb with Veggies
  • Pork Stir-Fry in Plum Sauce with Veggies

Plus we have fertilised Pekin Duck eggs available at the market at $40/dozen – a perfect time to hatch out Ducklings for Spring.
Christmas orders now being taken for Organic, Pastured Turkey orders and Organic, Pastured Sommerlad Chicken orders

From the garden this week we will have:

  • Herbs – Fresh Coriander, Dill, Mint, Young Garlic and Fennel
  • Salad Mix $3/bag
  • Whole lettuce $3
  • Stir Fry Mix $3/bag
  • Kale $3/bunch
  • Cabbages $3
  • Collard Greens $3/bunch
  • Radishes $3/bunch
  • Duck Eggs $6/half dozen
  • Chicken Eggs $6/dozen
  • Salsify $3/bunch

From the pantry:

  • Dried Herbs and Herbal Teas $3
  • Peach Kombucha $4
  • Fermented Garlic $8

We’ve been busy planning the menu for the:

Fair Food Dinner – Saturday 15 October, Bungendore

Make up a table of 10 with your friends and join us for this fantastic regional food event to celebrate Fair Food Week in Bungendore.

Produce from Hropics Seafood, Caroola Farm, Scrumpers Garden, PenDon Farm, Bent Shed Produce, Greenhilll Farm, Long Paddock Eggs, Bees R Us and more… stay tuned for the seasonal menu selection

What better way to support the non-profit Southern Harvest association than to join all the dots and present a Fair Food Week Regional Food Dinner in Bungendore.

Wine, cider and beer, along with non-alcoholic beverages will also be available on the evening from local producers including Sapling Yard, Dogtrap Vineyard and more…

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Want to Grow your Own Small Farm Business?
Series of one day workshops

Operations – Sunday 9 October
Marketing – Sunday 23 October
Finances – Sunday 13 November

This series of one-day Growing Small Farm Businesses workshops will set you on the path to a farm that can be both financially and ecologically sustainable.

You will leave each workshop with a basic knowledge of operations, marketing and finances for small farms and the ability to start planning your own enterprises.

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On the Farm

The rain still has not gone, ahh well, it saves us doing lots of watering.

We’ve had a busy time over the last week or so with the Small Farms Network Poultry Course, a visit by a Taiwanese Agricultural Delegation and then a full day Soils workshop for the Braidwood Garlic Group with Bruce Davidson.

We checkout out the status of the garlic growth and it looks, weather depending, like it will be ready to harvest late November – maybe it will stop raining by then…

We say goodbye to our French Intern Elise this weekend and then we’ll be full on into the Spring Swing!!

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