Wwoofer Guidelines for Caroola Farm

Your safety

Farm work can be hard, but should never be unsafe.

  • Do not be heavy handed. Being careful is better than being fast.
  • Do not use unfamiliar equipment unless asked to and shown how to use it.
  • Respect tools and equipment to avoid breakages. Always use safety aids.
  • Please advise us in advance of any health/dietary requirements, allergies etc.
  • If you think something you’re about to do might injure you, don’t do it.
  • If you become sick or injured, advise us immediately so we can help make it better.
  • Do not startle or approach native animals, especially kangaroos and wombats.
  • Watch for snakes and keep your distance.
  • Sobriety is mandatory while working.
  • When working outside, take water, a hat and sunglasses and use sunblock.


Treat other people and your environment like they’re the last ones you have.

  • Treat *everyone* you meet on the farm with respect and politeness. If you have a problem with someone, be adult about it and resolve it maturely, or if you find you cannot, bring it to the attention of the hosts.
  • Be prepared to share quarters with other people of either gender (a la hostel).
  • If driving, there is a 10kph speed limited.
  • On days off, try to get away from the farm if you can. This will help your sanity and others’.
  • You are welcome and encouraged to enjoy yourselves when not working, but excessive drinking or late-night noise will disturb others and won’t work.


We’ll feed you the same as we eat ourselves. Meals will be healthy and nutritious. If you want more. or something specific, please bring it yourself!

  • Breakfast at 07:00, Lunch at 12:30, Dinner at 7:30 (this may change seasonally due to daylight hours)
  • Pantry is off limits. Limited refrigeration/freezer space available if you need it for your own food.


As a sustainable permaculture farm, Caroola operates on limited resources.

  • All food scraps are valuable. Any leftover food is recycled into labelled bins for worms, chickens, ducks and pigs.
  • Place disposable containers in recycle bins after removing food scraps.
  • Please use only natural soaps, shampoo and washing supplies as we are on a septic system.
  • Use water sparingly. Keep showers short (like really short) and maximise wash loads.
  • Clothes washing in the laundry using provided cleaning powder. Ask before using.
  • Conserve power: turn of lights and equipment when not being used.
  • Dry clothes on the line or use a clothes rack.
  • There is a very limited capacity wireless internet available for basic emails and web/facebook use only. No large documents, video or audio downloads are possible. BYOD as farm computers are not available except in emergencies.
  • There is a spa for daylight and dusk use only. Shower first to keep it clean, and make sure you put the cover back on when finished.


  • Be tidy. Keep quarters, lounge, bathroom and kitchen areas clean and neat. If you make a mess clean it up, don’t leave it for someone else – including ashtrays.
  • If you borrow DVD’s or books be careful with them and return them undamaged ASAP.
  • Do not sit on furniture in your smelly work clothes, shower and change first.
  • Keep mother nature outside. Close the door when coming or going. Remove footwear when inside (or wear inside shoes).

Work duties

Your effort is valued.

  • Please offer suggestions, but accept directions graciously.
  • Allocated work may be varied and may be of a physical nature in the open.
  • The golden rule: Leave gates in the state (open or closed) that you find them.
  • Work content and times are subject to change due to weather and other factors.
  • Clean tools/equipment after use and return them to their storage area.

When you leave

  • We can and will sign “form 1263” for you, and will provide transportation to the local Bungendore train station.

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